The heart of holistic cat grooming

Welcome to Nekomori.
A peaceful, holistic grooming salon for feline friends.

Certified Groomers

Our Cat Grooming Artisans are professionally trained, familiar with feline behaviour and often cat parents themselves. They’re often found showering our clients with love and chin scritches!

Cat Only Salon

Our 100% dog-free environments create a safe and peaceful setting for grooming, where cats are free to be themselves and approach the session with curiosity instead of fear.

Fair and Upfront Pricing

All consults come with complimentary grooming assessments and bill estimates. Our Artisans are upfront about additional charges and you’ll never be charged for something you do not need.

Complete Cat Grooming

Express Groom

A simple freshen-up, great for in-between regular grooms.

Essential Groom
$70 - $90

A basic groom that covers the essentials of an effective care routine.

$70 - $90
Classic Groom
$100 - $120

Our Classic Groom includes light trimming after a relaxing bath and blow-dry.

$100 - $120
Signature Groom
$150 - $190

Perfect for those seeking a specific style, cut or shave-down. Meticulously executed by SKC-certifed Artisans.

$150 - $190

Low-Stress, Gentle, Professional

It’s one thing to understand a craft, and another to appreciate and hone it. Our dedicated team of Feline Grooming Assistants and Artisans are not just skilled in cat grooming, but cat owners and lovers first and foremost. We believe in tailoring each treatment to each cat that enters and leaves our doors.

Rated 5-Stars by hundreds of cat owners in Singapore.​

Serving You Daily

Mondays – Sundays: 11 AM – 7 PM
Public Holidays: Selected Days

Salon opening days may vary by outlet.

Ongoing Promotions

Get in contact to learn more about our promotions! Terms & conditions apply.

Kitty Showcase

A glimpse of our elegantly groomed cat clientele. More on our Instagram!

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