Professional, Holistic Cat Grooming

Each grooming experience at Nekomori is tailored to fit the needs of individual cats, and executed skilfully by Mori Artisans in a low-stress, relaxing manner.

Our Services
100% Dog-Free Grooming Environment

Cute as they are, dogs in a shared grooming facilities cause undue stress in your cat. Nekomori salon is and always will be a safe and private retreat for cats, free of friends of the canine kind.

Our Philosophy
Transparent Pricing & Honest Practices

We pledge to always be transparent with clients about our services and prices. Each visit includes a complimentary pre-groom consult and you'll never find hidden charges or clauses at our salon.

Our Menu

Hello there! Welcome to the Nekomori Cat Salon. We are Singapore’s first holistic grooming establishment for friends of the feline kind. Our nature-inspired grooming facility provides cat-only grooming services, spas and treatments in an environment that is not only hygienic and safe, but offers an experience that allows our feline charges to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and completely at ease in our hands!

As cat lovers first and foremost, Mori Grooming Artisans are seasoned cat handlers who are committed to elevating the standards of professional pet care through more than a focus on excellent technical grooming technique. We believe it’s just as important to tailor each treatment to each cat that enters and leaves our doors.

Quality cat grooming


Complete Cat Grooming

Mori Express
A simple freshen-up, great for in-between regular grooms.
Mori Essential
$70 - $80
A basic groom that covers the essentials of an effective care routine.
Mori Signature
$140 - $180
Opt for the full Nekomori experience. Artisan's cut included.

Popular Treatments

Nano Bubble Spa
Supercharge your experience with this deep-cleansing, soothing soak.
Ozone Spa
Effective for combating skin ailments such as itch and fungus.
Undercoat Removal
From $10
Gets rid of dead fur for a more thorough cleanse

Operating Hours

Monday – Tuesday Closed
Wednesday – Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM
Public Holidays Selected Days