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Each grooming experience at Nekomori is tailored to fit the needs of individual cats, and executed skilfully by Mori Artisans in a low-stress, relaxing manner.

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100% Dog-Free Grooming Environment

Cute as they are, dogs in a shared grooming facilities cause undue stress in your cat. Nekomori salon is and always will be a safe and private retreat for cats, free of friends of the canine kind.

Our Philosophy
Transparent Pricing & Honest Practices

We pledge to always be transparent with clients about our services and prices. Each visit includes a complimentary pre-groom consult and you'll never find hidden charges or clauses at our salon.

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Hello there! Welcome to the Nekomori Cat Salon. We are Singapore’s first holistic grooming establishment for friends of the feline kind. Our nature-inspired grooming facility provides cat-only grooming services, spas and treatments in an environment that is not only hygienic and safe, but offers an experience that allows our feline charges to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and completely at ease in our hands!

As cat lovers first and foremost, Mori Grooming Artisans are seasoned cat handlers who are committed to elevating the standards of professional pet care through more than a focus on excellent technical grooming technique. We believe it’s just as important to tailor each treatment to each cat that enters and leaves our doors.

Quality cat grooming


Complete Cat Grooming

Mori Express
A simple freshen-up, great for in-between regular grooms.
Mori Essential
$70 - $80
A basic groom that covers the essentials of an effective care routine.
Mori Signature
$140 - $180
Opt for the full Nekomori experience. Artisan's cut included.

Popular Treatments

Nano Bubble Spa
Supercharge your experience with this deep-cleansing, soothing soak.
Ozone Spa
Effective for combating skin ailments such as itch and fungus.
Undercoat Removal
From $10
Gets rid of dead fur for a more thorough cleanse
Very responsive to messages and polite communication at all times. They are knowledgeable and made sure the right grooming package is selected for my cat. Im sure my cat felt safe, relaxed and pampered with the artisans there. Will definitely return again. Thank you and kudos ladies for doing a wonderful job! 😊
Shikin T
Shikin T
11:48 20 Jul 21
I sent my cat that I have just adopted about a few months ago. My cat, Meeko, can be hostile or aggressive when going through new situation or placed in a environment. She hissed at one of the groomers at first. Although we needed two groomers to proceed with the essential service, they managed to calm her down and Meeko was able to cope better. The staff are friendly and resposive. The fact that they were able to manage my cat, I would say that they are reliable and professional and in dealing with these felines. Thank you!
Nurul Sarkawi
Nurul S.
15:36 03 Jul 21
cat was being well taken care in the cat salon, good service 👍🏼👍🏼
Christine wong
Christine W.
03:37 02 Jul 21
Was our first time bringing our cat Taco to grooming, the groomers were very professional in handling Taco and in explaining the procedures to us. I felt that the whole process was easy, simple, and valued for money. Taco is now a clean and happy cat. Thank you Nekomori Cat Salon ~
Diong Zoeyi
Diong Z.
12:05 21 Jun 21
I had a pleasant experience at Nekomori grooming my cat, Suki. It was a last minute booking and the team kindly accommodated a slot for me. They were very professional, meticulous and made Suki feel comfortable during grooming. I just adopted Suki and Charlotte gave few recommendations on healthy nutrition for our picky eater. Suky looked very pretty after grooming. I highly recommend this place. Thank you Nekomori!
Lippy Diary
Lippy D.
14:12 12 Jun 21
Good and professional services for my cat. Groomer is friendly, knowledgeable and shared through the services that they will provide. It’s an all-cat friendly environment. Pricing is fairly affordable but subjective to different breeds. Updates given promptly and photos of session were shared. Recommended to come here again for future grooming sessions
Muhammad Alfi
Muhammad A.
14:16 10 Jun 21
It was my first time being Tabby (DSH) to Nekomori and it was a pleasant experience πŸ™‚ the place was clean, the artisans patiently explained clearly to me on what would be done for Tabby and also recommended me treatments that would help Tabby. I was recommended by a friend who brought her cat (Bear Bear) there. Would definitely bring Tabby back again πŸ™‚
michelle chng
michelle C.
12:24 03 Jun 21
sent both my short fur cat & long fur persian mix cat here and they did a wonderful job with them! the groomers are really friendly and you can tell they love & treat the cats really well. clean & great environment for cats as well. highly recommended πŸ™‚
Micaela Choo
Micaela C.
09:29 22 May 21
Very professional Artisan and satisfied services. Cozy and clean environment for cat as well. Will definitely revisit again.
Haoyi Li
Haoyi L.
10:32 14 May 21
I am really happy with the service provided. Unlike other places I have visited, my pet looked very comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. Very professional, cleaned and highly professional artisans working in Nekomori. Will definitely come in again!! Highly recommended ☺️
Agnese C.
Agnese C.
03:45 14 May 21
Miki has been visiting Nekomori every few months since he was a 4 month old kitten! 😂 Reliable and friendly service. 👍🏻 It's always a delight to see Miki back from grooming looking so refreshed and happy.
Syikin (Syiky)
Syikin (.
12:27 12 May 21
Exceptional patience from Charlotte in grooming my cat. My cat doesn't like bathing not her techniques worked well and paid off. I'm very impressed with the calmness of the whole grooming studio compared to others.
Lyn Goh
Lyn G.
03:34 09 May 21
Today I decided to bring the cats for grooming because they were shedding so bad. Since there was a 20% off weekday promotion for first timers, I decided to try Nekomori, though it is slightly out of the way for me from my usual place. But I am so glad I did. The groomer quickly identified that D had ear mites, and then mites on his body even, and now I understand why he has been scratching his ears so often, even though I clean them twice a week! This was never something that was brought to my attention before previously when I brought the cats for grooming. Additional plus point, I was actually able to view and see how the groomers handle and interacted with the cats and they were so good and gentle with them, that even DD who is usually skittish with strangers, was just so compliant throughout. I am truly thankful I decided to give Nekomori a shot today and they are really passionate and skilled with what they do, and the place looks so clean! Do give a shot. I am glad I did!
hannah yeo
hannah Y.
10:56 07 May 21
I've brought both my cats to nekomori and I love that they are so professional and really go out of their way to make spa day feel comfortable and pleasant for the cats! My cats come out of the spa with a soft and fluffy fur coat and smelling really fresh! Highly recommend them πŸ™‚
Kellyn K
Kellyn K
10:56 05 May 21
Felt 100% safe in leaving my cat Kuching with the groomers here as I know he'll be well taken care off.
Wendy L
Wendy L
12:37 02 May 21
I like the fact that the place is clean and peaceful. After each grooming session, my cat Coco will come back looking neat. I enjoyed when the salon sent me photos of Coco during the grooming. It gives me an insight of what Coco went through during the session. Thumbs up to the groomers and staff at Nekomori!
Azlinah Abas
Azlinah A.
06:22 12 Apr 21
Took our kitty (Smokey) for grooming at NEKOMORI . It was smokey 1st grooming session ! She came back fresh and clean , groomers advice us what is needed to be done to keep her ear clean as well . It was a great experience there , definately will recommend and will come back for her next grooming session . THANKYOU NEKOMORI FOR TAKING GOOD CARE OF SMOKEY DURING HER 1ST GROOMING EXPERIENCE !! You guys are great !!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hisham Rahim
Hisham R.
12:52 11 Apr 21
Life changing -experience at this Nekomori Cat's grooming salon. I used to feel stress and panicky bringing my cat to grooming. And because my cat is aggressive, no one could handle her. Nekomori groomers are super efficient and professional. My cat came out from the bath, smelling nice and pretty. Love it! Yes it's abit pricey, it is still worth my every penny. Ps. I can't believe my naughty cat fell asleep after the grooming session. There must be some magic in this salon. Lol.. Back home, she was usually super angry after a grooming session, but today, she was calm and chirpy. Thank you groomers!
Lai Yi Tong
Lai Yi T.
13:48 10 Apr 21
I have been to many pets grooming salon and I absolutely love the service here. artisans are all very professional and reliable, giving me alot of advice on how to take care of my cats. I love how the salon is only for cat making my babies more comfortable while grooming
omi kun
omi K.
12:20 10 Apr 21
I am a returning customer! Artisans always provide professional advice which is useful to me as a first time cat owner heheh. They always make mong mong so comfortable there and she seems to enjoy her session as well. 😍
Gladys Wong
Gladys W.
15:17 31 Mar 21
Brought Kylie for grooming for the first time. Very happy with the service!Kylie is feisty when there are other cats around, but the groomers managed to handle her very well.Thank you Nekomori for your patience while grooming Kylie 😊
Clare Lee
Clare L.
10:55 31 Mar 21
Great artisans who were knowledgeable and definitely knew what they were doing. They were gentle with my cat and calmed him throughout the grooming session. We have tried both essential and signature before and the results were good. They also helped to point out some fur specks that may be mites/ fleas and gave us suggestions what to look out for! Happy with the service 💪🏼
Joy Wang
Joy W.
03:41 30 Mar 21
All the artisans are great, friendly and genuinely care for the furbabies. Our furbabies loved their grooming sessions, always seemed relax. The artisans are meticulous, gentle and very patient when handling our furbabies. No regrets! Definitely recommended.Ouhhh..marble loves his new haircut. Looking so handsome now!
Suriani Kannan
Suriani K.
03:02 29 Mar 21
First time visit, Nice and friendly staff. My kitten being calm while doing the grooming when in fact she hate people touching her and intend to bite people when touching her. Thank you 😁 Even receive photos of my kitten at the salon. Thank you very much ! Will definately book a grooming session again
Nur Shafeeqah
Nur S.
10:59 26 Mar 21
First time taking both my babies for grooming but felt so assured as the groomers were all so professional and took really great care of my babies!!! Will definitely come back in the future❤️ Thank you!!🤩
Cheyanne Yap
Cheyanne Y.
10:14 24 Mar 21
first time there and im happy with the services :)i even received a picture of mykitty , thank you so much!!
Noor Artika
Noor A.
12:47 21 Mar 21
Pretty good experience, first time here today. Groomer explains the treatment that was selected for my cat and ensure that I am fully aware. And my cats looks super relax, happy that everything went well. Pleasant experience
Chups Tam
Chups T.
10:13 18 Mar 21
Place is clean and neat. Artisan is friendly and patient with Reo. Reo is persian male and is a very timid cat but he is comfortable whenever I bring him there. Wasn't traumatised at all.
Soh Adeline
Soh A.
11:08 16 Mar 21
place was clean and chill & the artisans were super friendly and professional. nekomori is the only place i trust to send my cats to and also absolutely love the fact that it’s an only cats salon. the lady who briefed me before the groom gave a warm welcome and was detailed and transparent with the prices. i like how they send picture updates bc it makes anxious owners (like me) feel reassured that our furkids are in good hands. bean looks fresh and neat after every session and she does not seem too traumatised after which i appreciate. it just shows how gentle and how much love and care was put in during her whole grooming session. thank you!
hum adrielle
hum A.
11:36 15 Mar 21
I trust my Sasha with Nekomori, knowing he will be taken good care of. Thank you so much!
Margaret Lim
Margaret L.
03:13 13 Mar 21
Visited Nekomori couple of times and they never disappoint me with their service. Going the extra miles in providing additional knowledge on my cat condition which always been a huge concern to us as we are still consider new and inexperienced. Thumbs up to them and for sure we will continue patronising Nekomori in future on for their grooming services! Recommend!
Bryan Liao
Bryan L.
10:44 12 Mar 21
Responsive & professional team! From enquiring, booking.... all the way till drop off & picking up my cat after the session. Can’t wait to be back to try out the spa treatments! I really like how it’s a cat-only pet salon πŸ™‚
Ng Min
Ng M.
11:09 11 Mar 21

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