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Our experienced Grooming Artisans service hundreds of cats and owners, working hand-in-hand for their beloved pets’ long-term health and wellbeing.

Our extensive list of grooming services are also personalized to fit you and your feline friend. 

Full Facial Cleanse

Messy eaters will benefit from regular facial cleansing to keep food stains at bay.

Eye & Tear Stain Cleaning

Remove stains that are brownish or rust colored, often caused by yeast infections on the skin under the eyes due to constant moisture from tears.

Ear Cleaning

Dirty ears in cats can be the cause of infection, neglect, or feline ear mites. 

Nail Clipping

Scratching is normal, instinctive cat behavior, but long claws can hurt and benefit from being clipped regularly. 

Wet or Dry Bath

A bath keeps kitty’s coat clean and free of dander, dirt and oils.

Paw PAd Trimming

Overgrown fur on paws can reduce traction, cause slipping and sliding.

Sanitary Area Trim

Unkempt fur on your cat’s underbelly and rear can be difficult to reach, and as a result, prone to matting. Regular trimming keeps fur clean.

Undercoat Removal

Trapped, dead fur in your cat’s coat can lead to excess shedding around the house. We remove it for a more thorough groom.

Our Salon

Rated 5-Stars by hundreds of cat owners in Singapore.

Hello there! 

Welcome to the Nekomori Cat Salon. We are Singapore’s first holistic grooming establishment for friends of the feline kind. Our nature-inspired grooming facility provides cat-only grooming services, spas and treatments in an environment that is not only hygienic and safe, but offers an experience that allows our feline charges to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and completely at ease in our hands!

As cat lovers first and foremost, our Grooming Artisans are seasoned cat handlers who are committed to elevating the standards of professional pet care through more than a focus on excellent technical grooming technique. We believe it’s just as important to tailor each treatment to each cat that enters and leaves our doors.

About Nekomori

Professional, Holistic Cat Grooming

Each grooming experience at Nekomori is tailored to fit the needs of individual cats, and executed skilfully by Mori Artisans in a low-stress, relaxing manner.

100% Dog-Free Grooming Environment

Cute as they are, dogs in a shared grooming facilities cause undue stress in your cat. Nekomori salon is and always will be a safe and private retreat for cats, free of friends of the canine kind.

Transparent Pricing & Honest Practices

We pledge to always be transparent with clients about our services and prices. Each visit includes a complimentary pre-groom consult and you'll never find hidden charges or clauses at our salon.
Featured Reviews

Highly recommended for cat owners who are looking for a professional cat grooming salon.

"I like the conducive environment and focus only on cat services, provide professional services and feedback on the cat behaviour during grooming and any other condition that they noticed during grooming. My kitty always shows an angry face when it's grooming time. But after going to Nekomori, I notice it is more calm and no longer shows the angry expression."
Michelle Tze
What Cat owners think about us...
Would like to thank the dedicated groomers for their patience and skill in handling my recently adopted cat. She was understandably skittish and nervous as she wasn't used to being touched by her previous owners, so the Nekomori team kept the session shorter and opted for a dry bath instead, to minimise stress. They also managed to trim her nails and brush her even when she became fierce halfway.A lot of her rough undercoat was removed, so she felt very soft and neat when she came home. (: She didn't show any signs of stress at the end of the session, and was in fact visibly more relaxed and less afraid than during our car trip to the salon.The grooming salon was bright, clean and quiet. Nice that it's exclusively for cats too. Service was friendly and the explanations for the package were clear. The staff sent me updates by text, since I couldn't wait at the premises due to the pandemic measures.
Fiona KF
Fiona K.
05:32 21 Oct 21
They are very professional and trusted. Sending some pictures and videos during the treatment!
12:29 20 Oct 21
Brought my pet for it's first ever grooming session and Nekomori did not disappoint! I think they did a good job with the grooming and am happy that my cat survived bath time and nail clipping with no issues. The environment also looks clean, neat and welcoming, your cat will be in good hands.
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie L.
16:20 19 Oct 21
My cat’s first visit and he felt very comfortable and satisfied. Definitely a great treat for your pet and seeing him well cared and groomed made us happy too.
Beluga JL
Beluga J.
09:43 24 Sep 21
Koko’s first time at a groomer’s was definitely a pleasant experience. My cat is timid and started to pant the few times I had to bring him out of the house for a visit to the vet. I was worried the same thing would happen during this trip to the salon but Koko managed to do very well. I took a chance with Nekomori, and Koko had an Essential Grooming session. The staff texted me half an hour before they were done and when I fetched Koko, they informed me that he was a good boy! So proud of my Kokopuff for doing so well 😭 thank you to the staff for being gentle and taking good care of him. Definitely going back to Nekomori the next time.
Natasha Tiara
Natasha T.
05:30 20 Sep 21
Professionalism at its best! I was extremely surprised at how well and smooth everything went! I did not regret splurging on my cat for her grooming session at Nekomori! Especially when it has courier services for cats to travel without the hassle! The process was clearly explained by staff and they managed to send pics as well afterwards! And knowing my cat is quite afraid of the water and especially afraid of getting her nails cut (traumatic experience for me) but I was informed that she was very well behaved through out. So plus point! 😊 also, when she came back, she looked super fresh and her fur was not as long and messy as before! She’s even more well behaved and loving! 🥰 maybe due to the fact that she is cleaner 😆They also accommodated to my last minute change of plans and were very understanding. A great team overall! Would definitely come back again in the future! ❤️
20:18 17 Sep 21
Salon is very clean and staff is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Although furbaby has short hair, she looked well groomed, neat and clean after the grooming session. Highly recommend this place for cat grooming and will definitely bring furbaby back for frequent grooming sessions!
Maria Lau
Maria L.
08:22 16 Sep 21
I was late for about 15mins and they were kind enough to keep my slot. The place looks clean and super quiet, calming place for scaredy cats to be in. Price is steep but my cat got to receive a free photoshoot :)))
Pinky Lolly
Pinky L.
11:04 13 Sep 21
Cannot sing enough praises about Nekomori! Appointment-making was a breeze and groomer was very professional and knowledgeable, took the time to walk me through the grooming process and made recommendations without hard-selling.We loved that the environment was very clean and peaceful, our cat was not the least bit stressed and came home clean and happy!
Bellina K
Bellina K
08:09 13 Sep 21
Brought my kitty to Nekomori for his 1st grooming session. The place is very clean and staff is friendly. I think my kitten enjoyed his grooming (except for nail cutting 🤣) !
Crafty Fishy
Crafty F.
05:54 07 Sep 21
Highly recommended for cat owners. Both of our felines enjoyed their spa session as they were very obedient and willing to be taken care of by the staff. We had tried to cut their nails before but could not really succeed much. Nekomori managed to do that and more! The undercoat brushing yielded alot more than we expected. We will definitely return again!
Ray Phay
Ray P.
11:04 04 Sep 21
First time visiting, pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and patience of staff for cat's signaturing grooming and spa treatment.
Jia Ying Lee
Jia Ying L.
15:12 02 Sep 21
It's been a while since my cat's been groomed and they did a wonderful job. I was surprised that they were able to handle him well and he seems happier now that all that undercoat is cleared up. They also gave some helpful advice on coat maintenance and cleanliness. Will definitely visit again 🙂
Aundrea Quek
Aundrea Q.
04:20 01 Sep 21
My cat is not a fan of bathing but they managed to do a good job in handling my cat and to my surprise, he barely even struggled. The staff has demonstrated great knowledge on cat behavior and how to deal with sticky situations. I also like the calming atmosphere, quiet and peaceful for cats. Not noisy and stressful at all. Great environment for a grooming salon.
Wan Qian
Wan Q.
14:51 30 Aug 21
Groomers were professional, service-oriented and caring towards my 2-year old cat. It was his first grooming session in months. He is very fearful of strangers and water but the groomer (Kah Yong) managed to give him a bath, clip his nails, etc. It took about 2.5 hours as they said they gave him time to rest in between, so as to not over stress him (they gave us a heads-up on the expected duration so it was appreciated). Once done with his session, he came home and bounced back quite quickly to his usual self, so think he was not too traumatised by his session! Would recommend.Due to COVID measures, you can't wait in the shop for your pet to be done. They will text you 30 mins before collection time. Nekomori is located along a stretch of shophouse cafes, so several options for you to have a cup of coffee while waiting around.
Dawn A
Dawn A
08:38 30 Aug 21
Nekomori is a place to go for quality cat grooming if you're looking for one. It's my cats first grooming with them and he came back happy, not stressed out. But although he was having dandruff n grease build up, the groomer actually called first to inform what they can do about it, I trusted with their opinions. When my cat was back looking so cute n fresh. They even called before they proceed the grooming. Everything was swift. Their driver was punctual to pick my cat as well as sending him back. Prices ranges. As I opted for nano bubble spa and essential groom plus transport, I paid 180 total. Which was OK for me as deshedding under coat prices varies, my cats under coat was rather thick that caused him to have greasy fur. Hence the price. I'm a happy customer. Will visit again in few mths time! ❤️Good job Nekomori!
09:46 27 Aug 21
Groomers are professionals in a cat-only setting. Constant updates too for worried hoomans. Most importantly, my cat comes home smelling and ACTING fresh, with no behavioral issues after.
Royce Ng
Royce N.
09:16 27 Aug 21
Didnt get to stay to see the grooming session due to covid but everything went well! The fur was smoother after the session. They also explained further after the session about one of my cats and how to take care of its fur. Will definitely come again! Thank you guys!
N At
N A.
06:24 26 Aug 21
We had a great experience with Nekomori cat grooming. Cats aren't known for loving a trip to the groomers, but my cat came back healthy, in good spirits and definitely well cared for in terms of grooming services and treatment. Nekomori was easy to communicate with, they organised pick up and drop off, and they were upfront about all services and charges. They kept in touch throughout the day and even sent along a photo of my cat. I'll definitely use their services again. Thanks!
Teresa Cantu
Teresa C.
07:32 19 Aug 21
It was Cookie’s (and my) first time at a groomer and I am very happy with the service! The place was clean and neat and groomers were very patient and kind in explaining the details of packages as I wasn’t very sure of what treatment would be good for Cookie. Being afraid of water, I am sure the groomers did an excellent job in having Cookie bathed. His coat feels so clean and shiny and he was really calm when I received him. Thank you once again!
Cookie Tan
Cookie T.
09:59 18 Aug 21
Luna had her first grooming experience at Nekomori and it was such a stress free experience for her. Highly recommend!
Khalisah Kader
Khalisah K.
05:53 18 Aug 21
The salon is clean and nice and provides a low stress environment for cats. I found the overall service highly professional and I really appreciate the media updates and check-ins post-grooming.
Mel Chia
Mel C.
04:02 18 Aug 21
Cute & cozy shophouse cat groomer. Staff are informative and helpful, will answer any questions you have. The grooming area/environment is quiet & tranquil, exuding a good atmosphere to be as stress-free as possible for your loved ones when they are going through the grooming process. Their prices are a little more expensive than other places but this is what you pay for a quality grooming experience. Don’t skimp when it comes to your furbabies! Will definitely visit them again and I absolutely recommend this place to other cat owners! ✌🏼🥰
Haiqal Rahman
Haiqal R.
08:56 17 Aug 21
Highly recommended for cat owners who are looking for a professional cat grooming salon. I like the conducive environment and focus only on cat services, provide professional services and feedback on the cat behaviour during grooming and any other condition that they noticed during grooming. My kitty always shows an angry face when it's grooming time. But after going to Nekomori, I notice it is more calm and no longer shows the angry expression.Thank you Nekomori for the great services!
michelle tze
michelle T.
09:26 16 Aug 21
Nekomori may be pricey, but their services are well worth it given how professionally they care for their furry wards. I really appreciated how often I was updated on my cats. They were far calmer when they got home after their session than when we had brought them to other groomers prior.
Rach C
Rach C
08:55 16 Aug 21
Good experience and I must say my kitten has been well aken care of and well groomed. Highly recommended and will definitely be back.
Nelson Lim
Nelson L.
07:53 16 Aug 21
My cat really enjoyed the dog-free environment. The salon is clean and stress free, the staffs are so helpful and professional!
W Chu
W C.
07:37 16 Aug 21
I love how attentive they are towards my furchild and I always enjoy dropping her off here for a grooming session!!
nikki koh
nikki K.
05:32 13 Aug 21
It’s my first time here and I am satisfied with the service. The staff are super friendly 🙂 Thank you for your kind and caring service towards my cat. Will definitely come again:)
Safiah Endera
Safiah E.
10:28 06 Aug 21
My two boys are usually nervous and stress when it comes to grooming. But with Nekomori, both of them were still stressed but it was so minimal that they regained their normal selves quite quickly. Im impressed with the depth of their consultation and generous advice offered to pawrents. Thank you for the constant update throughout the session and also the aftercare service. I really really appreciate;) will definitely return. Hopefully the promo for the two way cat transport can stay ;))) thank you!
nur fathona
nur F.
14:28 05 Aug 21
Very responsive to messages and polite communication at all times. They are knowledgeable and made sure the right grooming package is selected for my cat. Im sure my cat felt safe, relaxed and pampered with the artisans there. Will definitely return again. Thank you and kudos ladies for doing a wonderful job! 😊
Shikin T
Shikin T
11:48 20 Jul 21
I sent my cat that I have just adopted about a few months ago. My cat, Meeko, can be hostile or aggressive when going through new situation or placed in a environment. She hissed at one of the groomers at first. Although we needed two groomers to proceed with the essential service, they managed to calm her down and Meeko was able to cope better. The staff are friendly and resposive. The fact that they were able to manage my cat, I would say that they are reliable and professional and in dealing with these felines. Thank you!
Nurul Sarkawi
Nurul S.
15:36 03 Jul 21
cat was being well taken care in the cat salon, good service 👍🏼👍🏼
Christine wong
Christine W.
03:37 02 Jul 21

Popular Services

Our salon offers a full-suite of grooming service options for cats of all walks of life and comfort levels. Speak to our friendly Artisans for a complimentary consultation today!

Complete Cat Grooming

A simple freshen-up, great for in-between regular grooms.


A basic groom that covers the essentials of an effective care routine.

$70 - $80
Mori Signature $140 - $180

Opt for the full Nekomori experience. Artisan's cut included.

$140 - $180

Spas & Treatments

Supercharge your experience with this deep-cleansing, soothing soak.


Effective for combating skin ailments such as itch and fungus.


Gets rid of dead fur for a more thorough cleanse

From $10

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