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Each grooming experience at Nekomori is tailored to fit the needs of individual cats, and executed skilfully by Mori Artisans in a low-stress, relaxing manner.

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100% Dog-Free Grooming Environment

Cute as they are, dogs in a shared grooming facilities cause undue stress in your cat. Nekomori salon is and always will be a safe and private retreat for cats, free of friends of the canine kind.

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Transparent Pricing & Honest Practices

We pledge to always be transparent with clients about our services and prices. Each visit includes a complimentary pre-groom consult and you'll never find hidden charges or clauses at our salon.

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Hello there! Welcome to the Nekomori Cat Salon. We are Singapore’s first holistic grooming establishment for friends of the feline kind. Our nature-inspired grooming facility provides cat-only grooming services, spas and treatments in an environment that is not only hygienic and safe, but offers an experience that allows our feline charges to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and completely at ease in our hands!

As cat lovers first and foremost, Mori Grooming Artisans are seasoned cat handlers who are committed to elevating the standards of professional pet care through more than a focus on excellent technical grooming technique. We believe it’s just as important to tailor each treatment to each cat that enters and leaves our doors.

Quality cat grooming


Complete Cat Grooming

Mori Express
A simple freshen-up, great for in-between regular grooms.
Mori Essential
$70 - $80
A basic groom that covers the essentials of an effective care routine.
Mori Signature
$140 - $180
Opt for the full Nekomori experience. Artisan's cut included.

Popular Treatments

Nano Bubble Spa
Supercharge your experience with this deep-cleansing, soothing soak.
Ozone Spa
Effective for combating skin ailments such as itch and fungus.
Undercoat Removal
From $10
Gets rid of dead fur for a more thorough cleanse
Angel had a great grooming session with Nekomori and came home much cleaner, smoother and whiter!Nekomori kindly waived off the undercoat charges as I was not briefed about it before and they also showed the fur that was groomed off Angel and asked if I would like to keep it. (Apparently some owners do want to keep the leftover fur of their furkids - now that was news to me!) I was also given some tips on brushing at home as I shared my experience with walking Angel outdoors and how that affects her coat.The next day I was also sent photos of Angel in the bath and it was pretty amusing to see her in that state.😆All in all the service and care rendered was professional and the place is well suited for felines with the groomers' gentle dispositions and big love for cats. Keep up the good work!
Clarice Jena
Clarice J.
14:36 02 Nov 20
Lovely lovely place for cat grooming. The reception is warm and the treatment was professionally done. I am sure my cat had a great experience. SO glad to have found you! Will return for more treatment 🙂
Jezmin Lin
Jezmin L.
13:18 01 Nov 20
Beautiful photos was sent to me after grooming. Thanks
11:21 16 Oct 20
Muri (My cat) has had about 3-4 cuts with Nekomori! The artisans (both male and female) are very friendly. To the point they can even notice when I got a new carrier for Muri.Their cuts are impeccable. My cat comes home looking like perfectly sheared sheep and feeling like velvet.On top of it all, my cat doesn’t feel too stressed! The artisans keep her as comfortable as they can and are very gentle. Muri is able to strut around the front desk of the shop with her tail held high when I come by to fetch her from her grooming session.Would recommend sending your cat for grooming here, 100% esp if your cat is a long fur like mine!
Marr Marinah
Marr M.
04:44 14 Sep 20
Our cat is so calm and happy with his grooming at Nekomori. The service is professional and polite, the environment very clean and bright, and they clearly love the cats.
R Smith
R S.
05:38 03 Sep 20
CoMoT got groom today...staff is informative about cats being👍🏻place is wonderful for cats😻I was surprised they send me a beautiful video... love it😻 will definitely come again..thank you very NiCe😻😻😻👍🏻
Oren Xoom
Oren X.
21:49 23 Aug 20
As a first time cat owner, I was worried and anxious sending my 10 month old kitty for grooming. However, the staff at Nekomori reassured me with their prompt response and professionalism. Booking an appointment was super easy and quick! Upon arrival, the salon looks clean and its really cute too. The staff was really quick to serve us and explained to me the procedure. After the session, my kitty smells good, looking better than ever! There were even videos and pictures taken during the session that were sent to me 🙂 Highly recommend and will definitely be back for the next session!
Tan Gracia
Tan G.
08:32 04 Aug 20
Amazing staff! My kitties definitely felt very comfortable around them! Kudos to the staff working, keep up the great work ❤
Rachel Fum
Rachel F.
10:34 18 Jun 20
Very happy with Neko Mori’s service. Sent my 10 year old cat to them for her very first grooming and will definitely be sending her again in the future.They did a great job in communicating the services they will be performing, the charges, and also how my cat reacted throughout the session. The pick up was on time, called before arriving and through out the day, I got updates on the status of my cat accompanied with photos of any problem areas.Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for cat grooming services.
Yishan Lim
Yishan L.
06:22 18 Jun 20
Brought Peanut to a salon for nail-cutting as we did not know how to do it ourselves. Our cat normally struggles when carried but we were surprised that it was so calm in the hands of the groomer. Nice clean ambience with full view of the grooming from waiting area. Groomer even demo'ed how to cut the nails after. Will definitely be back for more of their services.
Peng Chuang Tan
Peng Chuang T.
10:30 07 Jun 20
Highly recommend this cat salon.. very professional Artisans who not only make the pet parents comfortable, our little cat also behave well and calm during the whole process. I am very happy with them and will definitely go back again. On top of the good services, the salon is exceptionally clean and neat. Smell nice too. They sweep and clean up after each grooming session leaving no fur around .. all I can say is good good good 👍🏻
Li Wee Wong
Li Wee W.
08:48 27 Mar 20
Send both of my kittens here for Mori essential grooming and the ozone spa! As it was their first time in a salon astria was trying to run away all the time 😅 the artisans were really patient and gentle with her even though she was cranky! If anyone is intending to let their cat groom for the first time you should really try nekomori! If you have any queries just drop them a insta dm they’ll get back to you as well! Thank you for taking such good care of my kittens!!
Michelle Ng
Michelle N.
05:19 27 Mar 20
Second time bringing my cat here, the staff here is so attentive and experienced. I wasn't sure if i should shave my cat and she gave great advice. My cat had a lovely time there too, they probably handle cats really well!
tang chinfang
tang C.
14:39 22 Mar 20
The groomer was friendly and professional. He was helpful and even demonstrated how to brush our pet's teeth. We would definitely return for our pet's grooming.
DV Balakrishnan
06:13 20 Mar 20
Nekomori artisans took great care and groomed all of my 3 kitties. I was worried at first because they could be feisty and not cooperate with strangers. However, the artisans at Nekomori made them feel so comfy and I believe all my 3 kitties truly enjoyed themselves being pampered professionally! Definitely will bring them to the salon again...!
Ms Salinaart
Ms S.
11:28 19 Mar 20
I love the white and clean environment. The artisans were friendly and genuinely care for the cats. Thank you for taking good care of Mandy.
Rane Lim
Rane L.
04:26 15 Mar 20
Brought my newly rescued elderly cat for his very first grooming here. Was worried how he would react since it's his first ever grooming experience. But he seemed calm and everything went well! Ambience was clean and comfortable, and staff (apologies for not getting his name 😅) went through what was necessary for my boy. Would definitely come back here for his next grooming session. 🙂
Rena Kwan
Rena K.
10:41 14 Mar 20
Fantastic experience for both owner & cat! Kah Yong & Quincy were very friendly, gave lots of good advice on cat grooming & shower. Can see their love for every cat that came in, and also their experience (& patience) from the way they handled each cat based on it's temperament & responses. My cat emerged from the session totally relaxed & happy! Plus: Cosy atmosphere allows owner to hang around, & observe entire process. Recommended!!
Sylver Mini
Sylver M.
13:43 08 Mar 20
My 2nd cat that I brought here was difficult, but they tried, for a long while. But rather than force it, they suggested not to stress my cat further. The spent time and did some work but ultimately the did not charge me because the did not complete the job. I would have paid for their time for 2 groomersGood work ethos. The next time one of my cats needs a grooming, it will be here.
Ah Hai
Ah H.
10:06 05 Mar 20
Lola looks so fresh and rejoiced after grooming. Such a clean and lovely environment as well. Prompt response and even update us with pictures and a short video of Lola’s grooming session. Thank you for the wonderful service. Will come again 👍🏻
Narissa Rahim
Narissa R.
11:07 01 Mar 20
Awesome cat-centric salon! I loved how gentle and patient the groomers were with my cat, even though he tried to run away so many times at the start of the session. My cat is shy and timid and I expected him to go into hiding after grooming, but he came back relaxed. I think it’s great how knowledgeable and low-stress they are with handling and grooming the cats.
Ke Hui Chuah
Ke Hui C.
14:40 28 Feb 20
Mimi popped her grooming salon cherry at Nekomori and had an amazing time there. The groomers are knowledgeable, professional and thoughtful. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Cassandra C
Cassandra C
11:01 27 Feb 20
Excellent service at Nekomori! The team is patient with Miso and gives very useful feedback on how to groom her better. The team’s fondness for cats is clear. The salon is also very clean. I will bring Miso back again.
J Lim
J L.
13:57 23 Feb 20
Clean and stress free place. Groomer was able to give helpful suggestions after hearing my cat's problems
Nicholas Neo
Nicholas N.
01:13 15 Feb 20
Lily's first grooming experience. She definitely seems relax and happy. I'm very pleased with the service and the salon is very clean. Groomers are very friendly and provide useful tips and advice. Definitely coming back again and recommend to others.
Din Rahim
Din R.
06:08 08 Feb 20
Am a repeat customer! 2nd glooming session for my 5 mth old kitten.Super friendly and skilled gloomers Kah Yong and Quincy. Always ready to give us tips and advise as this is my first cat. Even what’s app me videos and pics of the bathing session to show how calm my cat is taking to the bathing session.The place is clean and inviting. Cafe just few steps away while waiting for glooming to end.Will be back again!
Cindy Tan
Cindy T.
15:39 07 Feb 20
Brought Boketto & Kenji here for the first time. We were greeted by Quincy & Kah Yong who are both so friendly and gentle with the cats. Appointment was easily booked online with prompt confirmation and reminders sent. The salon has large glass panels which allows owners to watch the grooming process if they wished to. Very pleased with the services - very detailed in every aspect & care was taken throughout the grooming process. Will definitely come back here again for their services. Thank you so much, Quincy & Kah Yong!
Normila Abdul Hamid
Normila Abdul H.
09:13 07 Feb 20
Brought my cat for grooming, came back with soft and nice fur. Responses fast to enquiries. Would definitely visit again.
Genevieve Low
Genevieve L.
11:11 06 Feb 20
Highly recommended. Great staff & groomers ensuring my fur baby is comfortable, stress free and stylish. Keep up the good work
Selena Wong
Selena W.
14:40 05 Feb 20
Decide to try out this cat salon for my 2 cats and really happy with the grooming service! Will definitely be back and recommend it to others:)
Jasmine Seh
Jasmine S.
13:02 02 Feb 20
Superbly clean environment that doesn't have that nasty wet smell I've came to associate with most grooming places. The artisans are very gentle, personable and attentive! Love the WhatsApp reminders, messages and photos of my cat's time at the centre. Pricing is transparent and they're upfront on what to expect. Every trip there is a treat for both kitty and owner! Thank you ❤️
Anarane Thng
Anarane T.
06:06 02 Feb 20
It was Teddy's first spa experience. We are happy that the artisan handles him well. They also shared that Teddy's coat will improve if fed w grain free food. The place is clean. We like that we can see the grooming process from the glass window. Highly recommended to all the meowmies! ❤️❤️
Azlina G
Azlina G
07:09 01 Feb 20
Great place to bring your cat to for grooming services. They are patient and caring, and the place is spotless! Would not hesitate to recommend to all our friends. Efficient and prompt response to online enquiries.
Jeremiah Y
Jeremiah Y
14:11 31 Jan 20
My cat came back feeling refresh, relax. She sleep through the night comfortably. She never has such kind of tender loving care. She is feeling calm. Surely with visit Nikomori monthly to maintain her beautiful shining fur. Thank you.
Siew Chew Kong
Siew Chew K.
12:37 30 Jan 20
Nekomori staff are friendly and upfront with grooming costs involved. Appointment was easily booked online with prompt confirmation and reminders from staff on the appointment. The open concept salon has large glass panels which allows owners to watch the grooming process if they wished to. Staff were really gentle and genuine cared for the cats, making it comfortable for pet owners, like me, to leave my cat in their good care for grooming! My timid house cat who usually fears being groomed enjoyed her session thoroughly with Nekomori! 😊
Fionie Chan
Fionie C.
03:23 29 Jan 20
I am very pleased with Nekomori services! They are very prompt in responses and treated my cat - Koko, with so much gentle! It was no surprise that Koko was cooperative!Will bring Koko back here for her future grooming services 🙂
Siti NurSoleha J
Siti NurSoleha J
11:57 22 Jan 20
It’s not easy to find groomers dedicated to cats. My ragdoll didn’t appear stressed after the session. He was busy walking around the shop after the groomer was sharing tips on how to manage his fur.The groomer will do a pre-assessment to suggest what other services is needed so no nasty surprises or hidden cost involved. U know and can see what u are paying for.
Rena Teo
Rena T.
08:51 19 Jan 20
Great experience with them! Love it that they send over the nicely edited spa videos too!! The team always gives useful advice on how to groom my cat. Thank you!
Xian Hui Seet
Xian Hui S.
08:47 17 Jan 20
Can’t recommend Nekomori cat salon enough! Our kitten, Tofu was well taken of by Quincy who also gave him a good cleaning. She also had some photos from the grooming session sent over to me after which really brings a personal touch and as a pawrent, I really appreciate that.
Mak Leanne
Mak L.
05:52 14 Jan 20
Very professional and great staff! Awesome service! My cat could be hard to handle but they groomed her effortlessly! I would definitely be going back again! 🙂
Kailin Zhang
Kailin Z.
09:07 11 Jan 20

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