Other popular services

A la Carte

Aside from our complete cat grooming services for cats, our Artisans also provide a selection of a la carte services for owners looking for a customized grooming experience for their pet.

nekomori cat grooming salon facial care

Facial Care

Keeping your cat’s face fresh and clean helps them feel good, and look presentable. Regular maintenance of your pet’s eyes, ears, and mouth area keeps problems such as ear wax build-up, tear stains and feline acne at bay.

We offer:

  • Ear cleaning and debris removal
  • Eye cleaning for tear stain prevention
nekomori cat grooming salon nail and paw care

Nail and Paw Care

Does your cat have sharp, long or overgrown nails, or have you noticed it slipping and sliding around the home? Your pet could benefit from regular paw pad maintenance. Keeping your cat’s nails short and tidy prevent them from curling into the foot pad, which can cause extreme pain, and good traction and grip around the home help prevent the onset of conditions such as Feline Hip Dysplasia.

We offer:

  • Nail clipping
  • Paw shaping
  • Fur tuft trimming
  • Paw pad shaving
nekomori cat grooming salon bath and blow dry

Bath & Blow Dry

Cats commonly dislike water, and most cat owners find it a challenge to manage their cats in a slippery shower alone. Our salon is equipped with professional tubs and blow drying facilities to provide a low-stress grooming environment for your cat!

We offer:

  • Dry baths
  • Wet baths
  • Low-stress blow-dry
  • Salon brush out
nekomori cat grooming salon fur management

Fur Management

Does your cat shed excessively? Inadequate fur removal or management could cause stress to you and your cat through frequent housekeeping and furball retching.

We offer:

  • Undercoat removal
  • Dematting services
  • Light fur trimming for the mane, butt and tail
nekomori cat grooming salon parasite removal

Parasite Removal

Noticed your cat scratching its coat raw, sudden fur loss or the appearance of mites, fleas, or ticks? Depending on the severity of your cat’s condition, we are able to provide parasite removal services.

nekomori cat grooming salon spa services

Spa Services

No grooming experience is complete without a trip to the Nekomori spa. Provided after baths, we offer options for deeper coat cleanses for grimy cats, and even nourishing treatments for smoother, manageable coats.

We offer:

  • Nano bubble spa
  • Ozone spa
  • Anti-bacterial coat treatment
  • Collagen coat treatment
  • Mud wraps

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you really need to know about our grooming services.

If you require personal assistance, we are available to speak over the phone. We seek your understanding if your call is not answered on the first try, as our groomers may be occupied with a client. We are also reachable via e-mail or Facebook.