About Nekomori

Established in 2019 as the first cat-only grooming facility in Singapore, the Nekomori Cat Salon is dedicated exclusively towards the care and wellbeing of curious, sometimes shy, feline friends. Compelled by a genuine desire to offer a quiet, peaceful retreat where cats can be gently groomed, our mission is to make cat care easily accessible so that companion cats and their owners can relish in the enjoyment that cat ownership truly brings… Without the stress and worry that is typically associated with out-of-home grooming.

Our Passion

At the forefront of the cat care industry in Singapore, we pride ourselves in playing an integral role in progressively raising the standards of cat grooming and pushing back against the traditional notion that cats are self-grooming, low-maintenance, “alternative” pets.

Together, we recognise our part to play in raising awareness of better cat ownership, and actively support our community of cat owners through partnership and guidance to help them care for their cats to the best of their abilities in the home environment. 

Our Cat Clientele

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Our Belief

When it comes to keeping cats clean and healthy, most cat owners dread routine tasks such as nail clipping, baths, and brushing, for fear that they are causing their pets discomfort and pain. Grooming is almost always never an enjoyable experience for both owners and their cats, and poorly-handled trips to pet salons that cater to other animals only serve to cause undue stress, reinforcing their dislike for being handled by strangers. More often than not, this leads to excessive shedding, matting and long-term poor care of companion cats.

We believe that grooming cats should be a pleasant, stress-free experience for both pets and their owners. 

At Nekomori, our team is professionally trained to handle cats of all ages and temperaments. We do not condone the use of excessive or negative behaviour to complete grooming sessions. Our guiding principles mean that the cat grooming experience is always completed at a pace that is comfortable for your feline friend, so that each subsequent visit is one to look forward to instead of dislike.

Our Establishments

Designed for the purpose of providing end-to-end holistic, low-stress grooming services for felines, our grooming facilities across the island of Singapore are dog-free, hygienic and well-maintained. All Nekomori salons are fitted and maintained with tried and tested, best-in-class high-quality equipment, tools, and products to allow our groomers to perform their craft to the best of their ability.

Our Team

It’s one thing to understand a craft, and another to appreciate and hone it. In a soothing, comfortable setting that encourages curiosity instead of fear in visiting feline friends, our dedicated team of Feline Grooming Assistants and Artisans are not just skilled in cat grooming, but cat owners and lovers first and foremost.


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