Basic Cat Grooming Services Available From 2nd June 2020

Dear feline friends and cat parents,

We are pleased and relieved to be able to announce that basic cat grooming services will be considered as an essential service with effect from 2 June 2020. This means that the Nekomori Cat Salon will resume operations from June 3 2020, and be able to provide our services to cats in need of hygiene and sanitary care.

In accordance with guidelines released by NPARKS Singapore, the list of permitted pet grooming services are as follows:

  1. Cleansing for hygiene purposes; including teeth brushing for dental hygiene, emptying anal glands, ear cleaning and medicated baths
  2. Nail clipping
  3. Maintenance of skin and fur, including anti-parasitic treatment
  4. Any other treatment prescribed by a vet
  5. Cosmetic pet grooming such as styling of pets’ fur and spa baths are not allowed.

The following services for cat grooming will be made available at the Nekomori Cat Salon:

  • Mori Express cat grooming
  • Mori Essential cat grooming
  • Mori Signature cat grooming [basic cutting for hygiene and tidiness only, no creative cuts allowed]
  • A la carte services excluding:
    • Spa treatments

Cat grooming slots are available on an appointment basis only, and may be booked via our website here. Please note that we will not be entertaining walk-in requests for the comfort and safety of our grooming Artisans. There will be a buffer time between sessions so that owners do not run into each other at the establishment, and loitering in the cat grooming salon to observe your cat’s grooming session is not allowed. Owners may only enter Nekomori to drop off and pick up their cats. More information can be found here.

We remind all visitors to abide strictly by safe distancing guidelines, and other protocol that will be in place to allow us to keep our cat grooming salon a safe and hospitable environment for all. We would also appreciate if you make cashless payment for your session – We accept credit cards, NETS, GrabPay and more.

More information about safe distancing, disinfection protocols and mandatory safety procedures that will be in place shall be updated here. Please read through this carefully prior to visiting our salon. We reserve the right to turn away customers who do not wish to comply with our requests.