Cat Bathing Service Singapore

Do I have to bathe my cat?

Yes, you do. Bathing your cat is part of a healthy hygiene routine. Although cats don’t usually need baths, and are clean creatures that groom themselves often, their coats can get greasy or trap dirt over time.


How often should I give my cat a bath?

Your indoor cat should receive a bath every 4 to 6 weeks. Cats with long fur will require more maintenance than those with short fur. Regardless, bathing and blow-drying your cat can prevent build-up of dander, skin irritation or matting of fur.


When should I begin giving my cat baths?

Kittens accept new experiences more readily, and should be introduced to water from at least 6 weeks of age. Adult cats may be more resistant to bath time, but can be given baths as and when they are required from the time they come home.


Is it safe to bathe my cat?

Cats can be afraid of bath time, and loud noises generated from blow dryers. To keep yourself safe, you can try the following techniques prior to kitty’s bath time:

  1. Tire your cat out with play time beforehand
  2. Trim your cat’s nails for safety purposes
  3. Remove as much shed fur as possible through a brushing session


How should I blow dry my cat?

After your cat receives a bath, be sure to wrap your cat in a large, warm towel and perform the drying session in a warm place. Remove as much water as you can prior to starting, and continue wicking water away with fresh towels as the blow-drying session commences.

A high performance blow dryer on a low heat setting should be used, alongside a wide-toothed comb to remove any shed fur. Always dry your cat’s coat until it is bone dry. Leaving your cat’s fur even slightly moist can result in skin problems.


What if I cannot bathe my cat myself?

If giving your cat a bath and blow dry at home stresses you out, you can consider engaging our Artisans at the Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon.

Our cat-only grooming salon is sanitary, quiet and equipped with professional tools required for a low-stress grooming session. Our bath tubs are elevatted to a comfortable height and fitted with warm water settings, and we have both drying cabins and hand dryers to ensure your cat is thoroughly dried before leaving for home.


How much will it cost to bathe my cat?

Bath and blow dry sessions at the Nekomori Cat Salon begin from just $40. Call us for a no-obligation quote for your kitty!