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We provide professional, holistic cat grooming services to cat owners and their pet cats. Our team of passionate, certified cat groomers, are cat owners and genuine animal lovers. We believe in tailoring grooming experiences to fit the needs of our feline friends, in the comforts of our peaceful, quiet and cat-only grooming salons in Singapore.

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What Makes Us Special?

Most grooming centres cater to all sorts of animals - We don't. Our clean, quiet cat-exclusive grooming facilities are set up and designed with our feline friends in mind,  allowing us to offer an exceptional grooming experience that not only puts you at ease, but allows your cat to return home looking good, smelling fresh, and feeling stress-free!

Certified Groomers

Our Cat Grooming Artisans are professionally trained, familiar with feline behaviour and often cat parents themselves. They’re often found showering our clients with love and chin scritches!

Cat Only Salon

Our 100% dog-free environments create a safe and peaceful setting for grooming, where cats are free to be themselves and approach the session with curiosity instead of fear.

Fair and Upfront Pricing

All consults come with complimentary grooming assessments and bill estimates. Our Artisans are upfront about additional charges and you’ll never be charged for something you do not need.

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Before & Afters

A professional cat groom can make a world of difference. Aside from actively managing your cat's experience in the salon, our services are also effective at helping cat owners resolve and manage common cat grooming problems at home. 

We work with every owner to discuss their grooming concerns, provide complimentary coat assessments and offer tailored recommendations, with a mission in mind to educate customers on the importance of their role in maintaining their cats' health and happiness through regular cat grooming.

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Luna's Mori Experience

Mori Signature Package + Undercoat Removal + Dematting

Luna came to us looking messy and matted. Her parents undertook our recommendation to provide a full de-mat of her fur and remove extra, loose hair trapped in her undercoat. After a low-stress bath and dry, Luna had her fur cut and styled before heading home feeling fresh and clean!

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Juniper's Mori Experience

Mori Signature Package + Dematting + Spa

When we received Juniper, his coat was severely matted and it was discovered he was suffering from feline dandruff. Our Artisans recommended a full de-matting and a nourishing spa treatment. With professional tools and skillful hands, our Artisans sent Juniper leaving with a clean coat and fresh look!

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Meet Our Artisans

Our dedicated team of Feline Grooming Assistants and Artisans are not just skilled in cat grooming, but cat owners and lovers first and foremost.

Caring Cat Owners and Lovers

Every Mori Artisan is a seasoned cat caregiver or owner themself, with years of experience in cat handling and feline body language.

Certified Grooming Artisans

With a SKC certification under their belt, each member of our team possesses a strong foundation in technical grooming skills and feline anatomy.

Full-time, Dedicated Groomers

As full-time groomers, each Artisan is committed to providing their full, undivided attention to our feline clients.

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