Cat Nail Clipping Service Singapore

Cat Nail Clipping Service Singapore Nekomori

What is Nail Clipping for Cats?

Nail clipping or claw trimming is one of the basics of cat care and maintenance. Just as we humans have to clip our own fingernails, cats also require this. Nail clipping for cats are usually done with a pair of cat nail clippers.


Where can I Get Nail Clippers for Cats?

Nail Clippers / Nail Trimmers / Nail Cutters can be easily purchased at online pet shops. You can get your’s at; our sister online pet shop company.

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Why do you Need to Clip your Cat’s Nails?

Regular clipping of your cat’s nails can prevents overgrown nails & discomfort. Some cat owners also clip their cat’s nails when they get too sharp in order to prevent any accidental scratches.


Is Nail clipping Safe for my Cat?

Yes, clipping your cat’s nails are very safe for not only the cat but the owner as well when done correctly. Please take note not to clip too much of the cat’s nail. This might cause them to bleed.


How Often Do I need to Clip my Cat’s Nails?

The frequency of clipping your cat’s nails really depends on your cat’s age and activity level. For example, when cats age, they usually become a lot less active compared to when they were younger.

When this happens, it is important to Clip their Nails when it gets longer. If the nails are left clipped, they may grow too long and penetrate into their paw pad. This will cause unnecessary pain and in worse cases, an infection.

This is why here at Nekomori, we recommend that you clip your cat’s nails at least once a month.


What if I Cannot Clip my Cat’s Nails?

As some cats are not comfortable with having their nails clipped due to owner’s improper technique or lack of experience, you can consider having your cat’s nails clipped by us at Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon by our professional cat artisans.

Our cat artisans are experienced in clipping your cat’s nails in a quick and safe manner to minimise discomfort for your cat.