Cat Paw Pad Shaving Service Singapore

What is paw pad shaving for cats?

Paw pad shaving is the act of removing excess fur from the undersides of your cat’s paws. It is normally performed with the help of a clipper, and touch-ups to shape can be made with a pair of trimmers.


Where can I get shavers for cats?

Electric clippers can be easily purchased at online pet shops. You can get your’s at; our sister online pet shop company.

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Why should I shave my cat’s paw pads?

Paw pads are an often overlooked portion of a cat’s grooming routine. Especially if you have a medium to long-haired pet, fur that grows on the paws or paw pads can grow to unruly lengths, causing loss of traction when walking or running. In conjunction with smooth surfaces in most homes indoors, this leads to frequent slipping and sliding during movement, which can cause irritation to your cat. In the long-term, conditions such as hip dysplasia may develop.


Is paw pad shaving safe for my cat?

Yes, shaving and tidying the fur around your cat’s paws is perfectly safe if conducted in a professional manner. Some cats may be afraid of the sound or vibration of a clipper, so you may require assistance to complete this grooming task.


How often should I shave my cat’s paw pads?

You should check the fur on your cat’s paw pads weekly, to ensure it has not grown out too long.

It is recommended that paw pad shaving and trimming is conducted from a young age, to allow your cat to get used to being handled.


What if I cannot shave my cat’s paw pads?

Some cats are not comfortable with having their paw pads trimmed or shaved for reasons such as an owner’s improper technique or lack of experience. If this is the case for you, you can consider having your cat’s nails clipped at the Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon by our Artisans.

Our cat Artisans are experienced in paw pad shaving in a quick and safe manner to minimise discomfort for your cat.