For Grooming Appointments

To make a grooming appointment, please visit this page. Alternatively, we are happy to assist you via the following methods:

  • WhatsApp: 8894 7401
  • Facebook/Instagram: Nekomori Cat Salon /

You should receive a response within 1 working day.

To reach our salon directly, you may dial the number below.

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-phone” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_size=”20″ icon_color=”#696839″ title=”+65 6996 7908″ title_color=”#383838″ title_size=”15″ margin_bottom=”10″]
Please note that phone calls may go unanswered, as our Artisans’ and feline customers’ safety and wellbeing remain our top priority during grooming hours of 11 AM to 7 PM.

The closest public parking lots are located behind our salon at Blair Road. A large, open-space carpark is also available at the end of Spooner Road.

These are a short walk away from our location, at:

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-map-marker” icon_type=”transparent” title_font_weight=”400″ icon_size=”20″ icon_color=”#696839″ title=”59A Kampong Bahru Road #02-02, Singapore 169367″ title_color=”#383838″ title_size=”15″ margin_bottom=”10″]

For Everything Else…

Please leave a message. Someone will be in touch to assist you within the next 2 working days.

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