grey cat in a basket Buenosia Carol pexels 4 Things to Prepare for Your Cat's First Grooming Session

4 Things to Prepare for Your Cat’s First Grooming Session

Is this your first time taking your cat to a cat salon to be professionally groomed? Or perhaps you’ve been grooming your cat on your own all these years – all the while dreading the next bath time (because it always becomes a wrestling match in which you’re constantly on the losing end). Now, you’ve finally come to accept that maybe you + cat + bathtime is a disastrous combination. Here are 4 things to prepare before your cat’s very first cat grooming session!

1. Book a session in advance

Book a cat grooming session at least a week in advance so that you are more likely to get a slot that is most convenient for you! However, at Nekomori Cat Salon, we do accept same-day appointments. Simply drop us a call and we’d try out best to arrangement an appointment for you. But even so, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to get your ideal time slot! It’s subjected to availability. That’s why we would strongly advise you to place your bookings in advance.

2. Discuss the best set of grooming services for your cat’s needs

A good cat salon would take the time to understand your cat, discuss with you, and personalize the grooming experience according to what your cat actually needs (as opposed to selling you an entire package that may include some services that your cat doesn’t really need or may even find unsuitable).

Every cat is different. The kind of grooming services a Maine Coon requires would greatly differ from that of a British Shorthair. Even two cats of the same breed would require vastly different kinds of services simply because of the varying conditions of their coat and skin. As such, it would be good to book a pre-grooming consultation first before proceeding with the cat grooming service. It’s also best to ask about the cost upfront as you discuss the set of services your cat needs so that you understand what you’re paying for and know what to expect when you receive the bill at the end of the session.

3. Leave clear instructions

Experienced cat groomers understand the kind of cut your cat needs, the best way in which to give kitty a bath, the most calming way to clip a cat’s claws…etc. However, you, as your cat’s human, would undeniably know your cat best. If there are certain unique conditions your cat has or if your cat has an especially sensitive spot that he/she hates being touched, then letting the groomer know beforehand would be great! Or perhaps you have a specific cut in mind that you want for your cat? Or maybe you prefer your cat’s nails to be of a certain length? Leave clear instructions to the cat groomer so that they can carry out their tasks to the best of their abilities and provide a satisfactory experience for you and your cat!

4. Ask for post-care instructions between visits

Cats should get professionally groomed every 6 weeks. But in between sessions, we should also provide our cats with a weekly home grooming session! Some general post-care instructions your cat groomer would give you are to brush your cat’s fur on a regular basis. Especially if your cat is a long-haired one, they need to be brushed several times each day! Besides, brushing out your cat’s fur regularly not only prevents mats and tangles which can get quite uncomfortable for your cat, it is also a bonding session between you and your feline. If you need more post-care tips and instructions, feel free to ask the cat groomer. Our artisans at Nekomori Cat Salon would gladly answer any questions you might have or provide you with any post-grooming session tips your cat.  

Let us know if these have been helpful in preparing for your cat’s first grooming session!

*Featured Image Source: Buenosia Carol | Pexels