Measures to Safeguard Artisans & Visitors

(last updated 20 May 11.00 AM)

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced various safe distancing measures to be taken to reduce the risk of local spread of COVID-19, including at workplaces. To safeguard our artisans, visitors and guests, the Nekomori  Cat Salon is following the recommendations of the MOH to place measures into place, to limit close contact and large gatherings of people in close proximity over a prolonged duration.

Safe Distancing Measures

Wider physical distances between Artisans and guests must be observed. Grooming stations will also be distanced between Artisans. We aim to keep a minimum of 1m distance during appointments and interactions and seek your co-operation in complying to this guideline if you should be visiting our salon.

Limitation on Visitor Numbers

Grooming requests shall only be accepted on an appointment basis, and we will not be accepting walk-in requests at this time.

A limited of two (2) visitors from the same household to the salon shall be accepted at any one point in time. Cat owners may only drop off and pick-up their cats for grooming, and will be discouraged from staying in the waiting area. We seek your patience in that this will allow us to attend to other visitors and keep our salon congestion-free.

While we are serving a new customer, we may lock the door to the salon to prevent other guests from entering to adhere to the maximum visitor limit. If there are more than two guests in the salon, you may also be asked to wait outside.

Sanitation & Disinfection

The safety of our Artisans and visitors to the salon is our highest priority.

We continue to upkeep high standards of sanitation and disinfection in view of Covid-19.

Daily salon housekeeping is done twice daily and additional reminders have been issued to staff to maintain high standards of personal hygiene. Visitors are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the salon and refrain from touching their eyes, mouth and nose. All visitors are also prohibited from attempting to touch cats that do not belong to them.

Visitor Screening

With effect from 1 April 2020, all visitors to will be required to fill health and travel declarations. This is done to ensure we can assist with contact tracing if it should be necessary. We appeal to visitors to disclose their health condition and travel history with our Artisans, and refrain from visiting the salon if you are unwell.

Temperature taking will be mandatory for all visitors, and will be asked to use the SafeEntry application to check-in and checkout of our facility.

Daily Temperature Taking & Reporting

All staff will be requested to take their temperature before reporting to work daily, and submit this information for recording purposes. If they are unwell, they will be advised to stay home and visit a doctor.