Clean Kitty Club Membership

Keeping your cat smelling fresh and looking fine shouldn’t have to be a complicated, stressful, nor expensive affair. We’re here to help!

For just $10/year, join the Nekomori Clean Kitty Club and enjoy instant savings on every grooming session at our holistic cat salon. It’s rewarding and fuss-free, just the way cat parenthood should be.

Membership Benefits

  • Low $10/year flat rate
  • Entitles you to 5% off all grooming services
  • Can be applied instantly on the same visit as membership registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any eligibility criteria?

There is no eligibility criteria in place – Any cat can join the Clean Kitty Club!

Is the membership tagged to a single cat or all cats in one household?

A Clean Kitty Club membership is tied to your account with us, and therefore can be used on any cat registered to you as its owner in our database. It is not transferrable.

Are membership discounts applicable on top of promotions?”

No, Clean Kitty Club membership discounts are not applicable nor stackable on top of other existing promotions run at the Nekomori Cat Salon.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will expire a calendar year from the date of registration (ie. if registered on 1 September 2020, your membership expires on 31 August 2021).

You will be prompted to renew your registration on your subsequent trip to the salon. Please ask an Artisan for assistance so that you may do so and continue to receive membership discounts on your session.

Is my membership fee refundable if I wish to cancel it?

All memberships sold are non-refundable.

Register Now

Ready to say help kitty look its best, without the mess? It’s super easy to join us as a Clean Kitty Club member. You can do so in two ways:

  1. Purchase your membership via our booking platform
  2. Seek an Artisan’s assistance for membership registration at the salon, prior to your grooming session.

Payment for all registration will be taken at the salon and can be made via NETS, cash or SGQR.

Our Reviews

What a wonderful cat grooming salon. I am so pleased I found this cat spa! My kitty has always been outdoors and never really needed a professional groom so at 7 years old and after six months as an indoors cat he was sent to the spa for a full grooming experience. He came back looking fabulous, smelling fresh and not stressed. He had the full works: facial, mani/pedi and wash, cut and blow dry. He had his ears and teeth cleaned too! The team are super professional and highly skilled. My highly strung ball of fluff came back relaxed and happy and looking fab.Even better is the pet transport service - they will pick kitty up and drop off too although I just used GrabPet it would defo have been cheaper to use their collection service.Wonderful salon which is only for cats! I will defo ensure a monthly groom for my chonky boi at Nekomori!
Annie R-B
Annie R.
08:26 30 Jan 23
Sent all my 3 cats here. It was their very 1st time grooming also & I was so glad that my cats are in good hands. I'm happy with overall service too & the staffs are all so friendly. Will looking forward for our next trip here again, soon...
Suana Ishak
Suana I.
10:36 15 Jan 23
Great grooming provider for my cat, patient and detailed in explaining the procedure!
Edison Lee Suan Yew
Edison Lee Suan Y.
07:18 31 Oct 22
Brought my 10 month old adopted cat for his first ever professional groom and it was such a pleasant experience. Nicole handled my cat so so well and it was a rather stress-free experience for both myself and my cat. I will definitely come again for his next groom!
Paula Tjokrosaputro
Paula T.
11:51 24 Oct 22
My kittens came home clean, smelling nice, and not at all upset with me 🙂 would send them there again!
pamela chua
pamela C.
03:27 25 Jul 22
Can’t recommend this place enough. This place is professional, great with communication as well as timely but efficient. Our cats are happy with the grooming experience and we’ll definitely be back! Glad to have found this place as they make sure to take in the right amount of cats per day to give proper attention, compared to other places that focus on quantity over quality.
Jisoo Lee
Jisoo L.
04:25 16 Jul 22
the kitties were picked up and sent for grooming for the first time. through it all, they were providing me with updates, and answering any questions i have to allay any fears/worries. they were friendly, prompt to respond as well. will definitely send the kitties back again!
Eugenia Ong
Eugenia O.
09:23 06 Jul 22
I love how calming this place is. My cat always ends the grooming session in a calm state. Highly recommended!
Lydiana Ramli
Lydiana R.
05:16 10 May 22
This was our 1st experience with Nekomori Cat Salon and we are extremely happy with the top-notch service. My long- haired kitty, Chewbranca, is deaf and groomer, Charlotte, was extremely gentle but firm with the way she handled her. We've had some pretty bad experiences with other groomers (some rough handling and impatience from other groomers) but Chewbranca was the calmest I've ever seen with Charlotte's patient touch. Chewbranca is naturally fearful of strangers and not the easiest to handle but she seemed to trust Charlotte almost straightaway. Thank you for being so understanding and professional in handling a special- needs kitty, Nekomori!Charlotte was also detailed in explaining the extra charges so there were no hidden surprises when it came to the billing.We are definitely returning clients! Thank you again; we've finally found our fur-ever groomers!
Farah Dawood
Farah D.
09:45 04 May 22
Decided to send 2 of my cats for grooming as I saw the positive reviews. Glad that there is transport service to and fro and even up to the doorstep. Am happy with the services and will return again 🙂
Adele Chia
Adele C.
10:02 06 Apr 22
Brought my cat Taco for grooming and she was very feisty but fortunately Nicole was patient and loving towards her. Much appreciated!
Jason Goh
Jason G.
06:30 03 Apr 22
My cat second haircut with them. Very professional. Will keep using their service. Thanks
Iswadi Aziz
Iswadi A.
01:12 01 Apr 22
Heard about the 20% weekday promo and so brought two cats here for a grooming session - the team (JY, Nellie/Nelly? and Nicole) were very patient with the cats despite the scuffles and nasties.Frequent updates were also given to put us helicopter pawrents at ease. A twinge of pity that we missed out on the portraits to be taken next door but we were sent a handful of photos of the cats being groomed. Cat people live for cat photos and cat videos, aye?We were also given helpful tips on what we can do ourselves to maintain their level of cleanliness and comfort at home - this team genuinely cares for cats. Our hearts broke when our feisty boy hissed and snarled with each attempt to trim his claws, and also with each swipe targeted at the team of groomers. Our credit card broke too. It all added up to be a tad pricey especially when it comes to the undercoat removal but truly this is not easy work and I have to say that the charges are fair.The team really did put in their utmost effort - thank you all, JY, Nellie/Nelly and Nicole! When the cats got home, all soft and sweet-smelling from the bath, they implored us never to do that to them ever again. They then went about the house with lesser shedding and lighter steps.
Meiling K
Meiling K
07:43 27 Dec 21
I’m super impressed by the service at Nekomori! Brought my cat for grooming for the first time. I was worried it might be stressful for him as he doesn’t like being picked up by strangers but the groomer handled him very well! From what I observed, the groomers were not forceful and really gave the cats time to adjust and get comfortable. An overall great experience for kitty and owner! Would definitely bring him back again (:
Kathy Lim
Kathy L.
11:34 17 Dec 21
Gives you that clean Muji feel, I love it. Staff was polite and professional. Glad I chose them over other cat salon.
Mel T
Mel T
08:13 02 Dec 21
The team behind the Instagram account has been very helpful and responsive, recommending the most suitable grooming option to my cat Jaspur base on his breed.The team at the salon were so patient. They saw my cat was frightened, but they knew how to comfort him and you could really tell that they are cat lovers. I have been struggling to find the best salon for cat as not all animal lovers are cat lovers. If you have yet to find one that you trust enough to leave your cats to for the 3 hours of grooming session, you should visit Nekomori.
Agnes Kwong
Agnes K.
02:00 26 Nov 21
Great grooming salon for cats! Good service for both cats and owners 🙂
Jerome Wee
Jerome W.
08:36 29 Oct 21
Would like to thank the dedicated groomers for their patience and skill in handling my recently adopted cat. She was understandably skittish and nervous as she wasn't used to being touched by her previous owners, so the Nekomori team kept the session shorter and opted for a dry bath instead, to minimise stress. They also managed to trim her nails and brush her even when she became fierce halfway.A lot of her rough undercoat was removed, so she felt very soft and neat when she came home. (: She didn't show any signs of stress at the end of the session, and was in fact visibly more relaxed and less afraid than during our car trip to the salon.The grooming salon was bright, clean and quiet. Nice that it's exclusively for cats too. Service was friendly and the explanations for the package were clear. The staff sent me updates by text, since I couldn't wait at the premises due to the pandemic measures.
Fiona Zg
Fiona Z.
05:32 21 Oct 21
They are very professional and trusted. Sending some pictures and videos during the treatment!
12:29 20 Oct 21
Brought my pet for it's first ever grooming session and Nekomori did not disappoint! I think they did a good job with the grooming and am happy that my cat survived bath time and nail clipping with no issues. The environment also looks clean, neat and welcoming, your cat will be in good hands.
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie L.
16:20 19 Oct 21
My cat’s first visit and he felt very comfortable and satisfied. Definitely a great treat for your pet and seeing him well cared and groomed made us happy too.
Beluga JL
Beluga J.
09:43 24 Sep 21
Koko’s first time at a groomer’s was definitely a pleasant experience. My cat is timid and started to pant the few times I had to bring him out of the house for a visit to the vet. I was worried the same thing would happen during this trip to the salon but Koko managed to do very well. I took a chance with Nekomori, and Koko had an Essential Grooming session. The staff texted me half an hour before they were done and when I fetched Koko, they informed me that he was a good boy! So proud of my Kokopuff for doing so well 😭 thank you to the staff for being gentle and taking good care of him. Definitely going back to Nekomori the next time.
Natasha Tiara
Natasha T.
05:30 20 Sep 21
Professionalism at its best! I was extremely surprised at how well and smooth everything went! I did not regret splurging on my cat for her grooming session at Nekomori! Especially when it has courier services for cats to travel without the hassle! The process was clearly explained by staff and they managed to send pics as well afterwards! And knowing my cat is quite afraid of the water and especially afraid of getting her nails cut (traumatic experience for me) but I was informed that she was very well behaved through out. So plus point! 😊 also, when she came back, she looked super fresh and her fur was not as long and messy as before! She’s even more well behaved and loving! 🥰 maybe due to the fact that she is cleaner 😆They also accommodated to my last minute change of plans and were very understanding. A great team overall! Would definitely come back again in the future! ❤️
20:18 17 Sep 21
Salon is very clean and staff is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Although furbaby has short hair, she looked well groomed, neat and clean after the grooming session. Highly recommend this place for cat grooming and will definitely bring furbaby back for frequent grooming sessions!
Maria Lau
Maria L.
08:22 16 Sep 21
I was late for about 15mins and they were kind enough to keep my slot. The place looks clean and super quiet, calming place for scaredy cats to be in. Price is steep but my cat got to receive a free photoshoot :)))
Pinky Lolly
Pinky L.
11:04 13 Sep 21
Cannot sing enough praises about Nekomori! Appointment-making was a breeze and groomer was very professional and knowledgeable, took the time to walk me through the grooming process and made recommendations without hard-selling.We loved that the environment was very clean and peaceful, our cat was not the least bit stressed and came home clean and happy!
Bellina K
Bellina K
08:09 13 Sep 21
Brought my kitty to Nekomori for his 1st grooming session. The place is very clean and staff is friendly. I think my kitten enjoyed his grooming (except for nail cutting 🤣) !
Jaymee Tan
Jaymee T.
05:54 07 Sep 21
Highly recommended for cat owners. Both of our felines enjoyed their spa session as they were very obedient and willing to be taken care of by the staff. We had tried to cut their nails before but could not really succeed much. Nekomori managed to do that and more! The undercoat brushing yielded alot more than we expected. We will definitely return again!
Ray Phay
Ray P.
11:04 04 Sep 21
First time visiting, pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and patience of staff for cat's signaturing grooming and spa treatment.
Jia Ying Lee
Jia Ying L.
15:12 02 Sep 21
It's been a while since my cat's been groomed and they did a wonderful job. I was surprised that they were able to handle him well and he seems happier now that all that undercoat is cleared up. They also gave some helpful advice on coat maintenance and cleanliness. Will definitely visit again 🙂
Aundrea Quek
Aundrea Q.
04:20 01 Sep 21