Clean Kitty Club Membership

Keeping your cat smelling fresh and looking fine shouldn’t have to be a complicated, stressful, nor expensive affair. We’re here to help!

For just $10/year, join the Nekomori Clean Kitty Club and enjoy instant savings on every grooming session at our holistic cat salon. It’s rewarding and fuss-free, just the way cat parenthood should be.

Membership Benefits

  • Low $10/year flat rate
  • Entitles you to 5% off all grooming services
  • Can be applied instantly on the same visit as membership registration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any eligibility criteria?

There is no eligibility criteria in place – Any cat can join the Clean Kitty Club!

Is the membership tagged to a single cat or all cats in one household?

A Clean Kitty Club membership is tied to your account with us, and therefore can be used on any cat registered to you as its owner in our database. It is not transferrable.

Are membership discounts applicable on top of promotions?

No, Clean Kitty Club membership discounts are not applicable nor stackable on top of other existing promotions run at the Nekomori Cat Salon.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will expire a calendar year from the date of registration (ie. if registered on 1 September 2020, your membership expires on 31 August 2021).

You will be prompted to renew your registration on your subsequent trip to the salon. Please ask an Artisan for assistance so that you may do so and continue to receive membership discounts on your session.

Is my membership fee refundable if I wish to cancel it?

All memberships sold are non-refundable.

Register Now

Ready to say help kitty look its best, without the mess? It’s super easy to join us as a Clean Kitty Club member. You can do so in two ways:

  1. Purchase your membership via our booking platform
  2. Seek an Artisan’s assistance for membership registration at the salon, prior to your grooming session.

Payment for all registration will be taken at the salon and can be made via NETS, cash or SGQR.

Our Reviews

Very professional!! Will definitely come again.
Nurul Kamal
Nurul K.
11:24 24 Feb 21
Our first visit to Nekomori for Mikan's first grooming session and we're superbly pleased! The work of a professional indeed; we picked up a calm and well-groomed kitten. Thank you and we'll be back soon!
Alexis Chua
Alexis C.
10:56 07 Feb 21
Very friendly staff and took good care of my cat! Also alert me on things that I have to look out for, will definitely come back!
Farah Fevreena
Farah F.
05:08 05 Feb 21
This is my cats favourite place. Friendly groomer and price is affordable. Recommended!
15:26 04 Feb 21
A great and reliable place for grooming your beloved cats. Clean and secured environment with trusted and professional groomers to ensure your cats are in good hands.
Annie SOH
Annie S.
08:42 04 Feb 21
They understand cats. Personal approach to each different cat. I really do trust all the staff. Two thumbs up
Jin Lee
Jin L.
09:43 28 Jan 21
The team at Nekomori did a great job with grooming my two kittens. My ginger girl who is usually nervous and skittish did well under their care. Definitely recommend anyone who is looking to groom their cats, especially if it’s their virgin experience.
07:17 21 Jan 21
Very polite and personable service! Greeted by the friemdly staff with such a pleasent disposition 🙂 my pet left feeling so relaxed and was quiet throughout the journey back. Am assured that my pet was taken care of very well during her grooming visit!
Khairul Iqbal
Khairul I.
09:46 16 Jan 21
Thank you Nekomori for giving that awesome grooming experience for Adik. I was initially quite nervous cos this is his first time, however reading through the feedbacks I am assured that he will be in good hands. Chat Response is fast, clear and concise. They even suggested to go for Mori essential as it’s his first time. I’m glad I chose the correct groomer for Adik and will definitely come back bimonthly. Thank you Nekomori.
Moza Ashikin
Moza A.
08:37 15 Jan 21
My boy, Logan , is a rescued cat who has endured a lot living on the streets. He’s naturally wary of people so I was apprehensive as to how he would take to being groomed.I shared his background with Artisan Kah Yong who then thoughtfully adjusted the grooming according to my cat’s comfort level. He took into account my cat’s temperament and history. It’s heartening to see that grooming is centred on the cat’s well-being. Logan sensed this genuine concern so he instinctively trusted Artisan Kah Yong and let his guard down and enjoyed the entire grooming session.From a jittery street cat with lacklustre fur to this relaxed glossy , magnificent Meow; what a makeover ! We’re so moved to see our cat being so well looked after. Our heartfelt thanks to Kah Yong ! Could we chope you for Logan’s next session please?
Jun LiJunid
Jun L.
07:54 31 Dec 20
Clean and professional grooming salon just for cats. Artisans also shared their observations after the session and how owners can help take care at home. Do book in advanced as it is really popular!
peishan lim
peishan L.
01:38 31 Dec 20
This was MissT's first ever grooming!! As first time furbaby family, we are all excited yet concerned abt d chosen groomers. We source through a lot of places and after browsing through the reviews, settled for Nekomori. Apparently, all the positive reviews are truer than true. The Nekomori environment is so pristine n the Artisan was friendly, professional and accomodating. He explained the process clearly and patiently. As a newbie family, our queries were endless🙄😁. The Artisan was also very clear about quoting the price and added miscellaneous costs. They gave as an estimated time and actually alerted us abt 40mins beforehand to pick MissT up. She came out squeeky clean, smelling fresh and looking gorgeous. Thank You Nekomori for the care you've given to our baby. We'll be seeing you again for sure😄😄
Zulianah Talib
Zulianah T.
16:14 28 Dec 20
My cat is the sweetest except when it comes time to be cleaned. I used to send him to another chain groomer but the environment was rather sterile. I really liked that Nekomori has created a stress-free environment just for cats!! Also, the haircut they gave him was incredibly adorable!! Am planning to go back 🙂
Chanel Lee
Chanel L.
05:52 26 Dec 20
very professional and reliable cat salon. my cats fur are very very soft after the grooming. i have an adult cat and 2 kittens and nekomori helps them adjust for the kitten’s first baths and they leave clean and not traumatised by water. they make their bath time playful and not stressful for my cats.
Tessa Sondakh
Tessa S.
09:48 20 Dec 20
Very friendly and professional staffs! Our cat looks very comfortable with them too. Best vet we have visited by far, highly recommend!
adrian tan
adrian T.
18:42 13 Dec 20
This is our first visit to Nekomori. They not only took great care of our cat, they are also knowledgeable, patient and very willing to give advice. Our cat certainly enjoyed being pampered by experienced hands!
Kym Ching
Kym C.
09:16 06 Dec 20
First time to be cat owner, I was worried and nervous sending my 4 month old kitty for grooming. However, the staff at Nekomori reassured me with their prompt response and answered whatever my enquiries. The salon looks clean and its really cute too. Upon arrival, the staff was really quick to serve me and explained to me the procedure. While waiting , the staff will send some pictures to comfort me to ensure my kitty are safe and enjoy the session. Highly recommend and will definitely be back for the next session!
Chloe tam
Chloe T.
07:38 05 Dec 20
Second time at Nekomori, and Miki loves it. He's always so relaxed after a spa or a grooming session. The artisans are friendly and very helpful. I can definitely depend on them whenever Miki needs that extra help and/or extra pampering.
18:54 04 Dec 20
Have been bringing my cat to Nekomori every month and their services are so good! My cat looks so pretty and smell so good after every visit! They are very experienced in handling cats and 100% would recommend Nekomori!
Vanessa Chuah
Vanessa C.
09:45 04 Dec 20
Wanted a very good groomer for me siam whom we had just adopted and chose NEKOMORI for their services. Best ever staff whom sended picture and updated us about me siam and even updated us about me siam ear being totally dirty. cool staff and will definitely come back every few months for grooming services
poyoryor hippo
poyoryor H.
12:33 03 Dec 20
Tried Nekomori once but this time opt for their delivery. Exactly it is as good as always. Their service is tip top. 👍🏽
11:39 03 Dec 20
I love the team at Nekomori! I'm a regular customer and cannot recommend them enough! The team are so lovely and genuinely care. I know they love looking after my fur baby. My little one is always well tended to, and always comes home happy, healthy and perfectly groomed!
Kimberley Sandvick
Kimberley S.
11:00 03 Dec 20
My two cats hates baths. I would get assaulted by them whenever I try to bath them myself. However, when Nekomori sent me videos of my two cats bathing they seem so calm!They come back smelling so wonderful and the staff are so friendly and attentive! They’re always ready to answer any questions we have!
Ezann Kuek
Ezann K.
10:56 03 Dec 20
Our cat, Loomy, is a timid girl so when we needed to send her for grooming, our priority was for a cat-only salon to reduce stress. We came across a few (surprisingly not many options!) but were concerned to see how they handled aggressive cats and did not want to risk her getting similar treatment in the event she does not like being groomed.We were pleased to see that cats were handled professionally and gently at their place and Loomy was receptive throughout the whole process. While Nekomori is a little far from our place, we have been coming back and do not see the need to explore other options. We trust them 100% and enjoy the communication and service rendered so far.
Nur Rosdi
Nur R.
06:05 03 Dec 20
Angel had a great grooming session with Nekomori and came home much cleaner, smoother and whiter!Nekomori kindly waived off the undercoat charges as I was not briefed about it before and they also showed the fur that was groomed off Angel and asked if I would like to keep it. (Apparently some owners do want to keep the leftover fur of their furkids - now that was news to me!) I was also given some tips on brushing at home as I shared my experience with walking Angel outdoors and how that affects her coat.The next day I was also sent photos of Angel in the bath and it was pretty amusing to see her in that state.😆All in all the service and care rendered was professional and the place is well suited for felines with the groomers' gentle dispositions and big love for cats. Keep up the good work!
Clarice Jena
Clarice J.
14:36 02 Nov 20
Lovely lovely place for cat grooming. The reception is warm and the treatment was professionally done. I am sure my cat had a great experience. SO glad to have found you! Will return for more treatment 🙂
Jezmin Lin
Jezmin L.
13:18 01 Nov 20
Beautiful photos was sent to me after grooming. Thanks
11:21 16 Oct 20
Muri (My cat) has had about 3-4 cuts with Nekomori! The artisans (both male and female) are very friendly. To the point they can even notice when I got a new carrier for Muri.Their cuts are impeccable. My cat comes home looking like perfectly sheared sheep and feeling like velvet.On top of it all, my cat doesn’t feel too stressed! The artisans keep her as comfortable as they can and are very gentle. Muri is able to strut around the front desk of the shop with her tail held high when I come by to fetch her from her grooming session.Would recommend sending your cat for grooming here, 100% esp if your cat is a long fur like mine!
Marr Marinah
Marr M.
04:44 14 Sep 20
Our cat is so calm and happy with his grooming at Nekomori. The service is professional and polite, the environment very clean and bright, and they clearly love the cats.
R Smith
R S.
05:38 03 Sep 20
CoMoT got groom today...staff is informative about cats being👍🏻place is wonderful for cats😻I was surprised they send me a beautiful video... love it😻 will definitely come again..thank you very NiCe😻😻😻👍🏻
Oren Xoom
Oren X.
21:49 23 Aug 20
As a first time cat owner, I was worried and anxious sending my 10 month old kitty for grooming. However, the staff at Nekomori reassured me with their prompt response and professionalism. Booking an appointment was super easy and quick! Upon arrival, the salon looks clean and its really cute too. The staff was really quick to serve us and explained to me the procedure. After the session, my kitty smells good, looking better than ever! There were even videos and pictures taken during the session that were sent to me 🙂 Highly recommend and will definitely be back for the next session!
Tan Gracia
Tan G.
08:32 04 Aug 20
Amazing staff! My kitties definitely felt very comfortable around them! Kudos to the staff working, keep up the great work ❤
Rachel Fum
Rachel F.
10:34 18 Jun 20
Very happy with Neko Mori’s service. Sent my 10 year old cat to them for her very first grooming and will definitely be sending her again in the future.They did a great job in communicating the services they will be performing, the charges, and also how my cat reacted throughout the session. The pick up was on time, called before arriving and through out the day, I got updates on the status of my cat accompanied with photos of any problem areas.Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for cat grooming services.
Yishan Lim
Yishan L.
06:22 18 Jun 20
Brought Peanut to a salon for nail-cutting as we did not know how to do it ourselves. Our cat normally struggles when carried but we were surprised that it was so calm in the hands of the groomer. Nice clean ambience with full view of the grooming from waiting area. Groomer even demo'ed how to cut the nails after. Will definitely be back for more of their services.
Peng Chuang Tan
Peng Chuang T.
10:30 07 Jun 20
Highly recommend this cat salon.. very professional Artisans who not only make the pet parents comfortable, our little cat also behave well and calm during the whole process. I am very happy with them and will definitely go back again. On top of the good services, the salon is exceptionally clean and neat. Smell nice too. They sweep and clean up after each grooming session leaving no fur around .. all I can say is good good good 👍🏻
Li Wee Wong
Li Wee W.
08:48 27 Mar 20
Send both of my kittens here for Mori essential grooming and the ozone spa! As it was their first time in a salon astria was trying to run away all the time 😅 the artisans were really patient and gentle with her even though she was cranky! If anyone is intending to let their cat groom for the first time you should really try nekomori! If you have any queries just drop them a insta dm they’ll get back to you as well! Thank you for taking such good care of my kittens!!
Michelle Ng
Michelle N.
05:19 27 Mar 20
Second time bringing my cat here, the staff here is so attentive and experienced. I wasn't sure if i should shave my cat and she gave great advice. My cat had a lovely time there too, they probably handle cats really well!
tang chinfang
tang C.
14:39 22 Mar 20