Opening of Nekomori, Singapore Cat Grooming Salon

Hello to you, fellow cat parent! We’re excited to announce that the Nekomori Cat Salon will soon be open for grooming appointments in the month of November 2019.

The Nekomori Cat Salon is Singapore’s first holistic cat grooming salon dedicated to the provision of cat-only grooming services. Our vision is to create an environment that is hygienic, peaceful, and enjoyable for our feline friends and humans, with a team of skilled, caring and passionate cat groomers who are relentless towards honing their craft and raising the standard of cat grooming in Singapore and Asia.

Basic grooming routines are an integral part of being a cat owner. Cats, as fastidious about cleanliness as they are, require regular baths, brushing sessions, and more- It’s a myth that they don’t require our help to keep clean! However, many cat owners are afraid to groom their cats out of fear that their cats would not enjoy being groomed, and avoid grooming sessions entirely, leading to common grooming problems such as matted fur, fungal infections or itchy skin in their beloved pets.

At the Nekomori Cat Salon, we want to start more conversations about the importance of cat hygiene. Grooming your cat shouldn’t be a once-yearly affair; conversely, we should strive to help our feline friends enjoy grooming as part of daily life so that cat ownership becomes a fuss-free, welcome experience for both owners and cats.

Similar to our sister company; the Nekoya Cat Hotel, the Nekomori Cat Salon is designed for our feline clients in mind, to help them develop positive associations and experiences at our cat grooming facility. Fully air-conditioned and situated on the second floor of a shophouse in the Blair heritage estate, Nekomori is a low-stress grooming salon, which means our establishment is designed for your cat’s comfort first and foremost. Our humble cat grooming establishment provides a diverse array of services that include grooming, spa as well as treatment options that allow our grooming artisans to provide recommendations that are tailored to your cat’s comfort level, age and personality.

Salon hygiene and transparency is of utmost importance to us. Our groomers are seasoned cat handlers and owners themselves, providing our artisans with a firm understanding of cat body language and behaviour. We strictly do not condone the use of force on our clients, and cat grooming is conducted at a pace that is comfortable for each of our furry clients, to allow them to fully enjoy the grooming experience.

We enthusiastically welcome curious, prospective clients to schedule for salon viewings with us, or get in touch with our groomers to understand more about our facility, practices, as well as enquire about our services! Stay tuned for some attractive opening promotions that will be made available for grooming appointments in the month of November 2019.