Our Establishment

A quaint little cottage sits beyond the horizon. It looks small and unspectacular, but there’s a gentle and welcoming air to it. You decide to step through the door and discover it’s quiet and tranquil within, as the smell of nature fills the air. Welcome to Nekomori – The Cat’s Forest. A peaceful little sanctuary for your feline friend to visit and leave feeling rejuvenated, fresh and happy!

The Nekomori Cat Salon is dedicated exclusively towards the care and wellbeing of curious, sometimes shy, feline friends. Our grooming facility is designed for the purpose of providing holistic, low-stress grooming services for cats at our nature-inspired establishment in Singapore, for cats of all ages and comfort levels of all ranges.

The Nekomori Cat Salon provides grooming services for cats only. Our clean, well-kept and humble facility is free of dogs and small animals, and employs the use of gentle aromatherapy and quiet music to provide a soothing, comfortable setting that encourages curiosity instead of fear in visiting feline friends.

Our Belief

Our cats are the loves of our lives and leave paw prints all over our hearts. Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping them clean and healthy, our efforts sometimes end in agonizing trips to the bath for showers, painful brushing sessions and unhappy furry friends. Grooming is almost always never an enjoyable experience for them, and poorly-handled trips to pet salons that cater to other animals only serve to cause undue stress, reinforcing their dislike for being handled by strangers.

We believe that grooming cats should be a pleasant, stress-free experience for both pets and their owners. It makes for happier pet parenthood, and goes a long way in ensuring the life-long comfort and happiness of their feline friend.

Our Craft

It’s one thing to understand a craft, and another to appreciate and hone it. Our dedicated team of Feline Grooming Assistants and Artisans are not just skilled in cat grooming, but cat owners and lovers first and foremost.

We do not condone the use of excessive or negative behaviour to complete grooming sessions; rather, we seek to complete the cat grooming experience at a pace that is comfortable for your feline friend, so that each subsequent visit is one to look forward to instead of dislike.

Along the same lines, we do not provide home-grooming services, simply because we believe in dispelling the myth that out of home experiences ought to be shunned instead of encouraged. When properly handled and executed in the right hands, cat grooming can be an absolutely enjoyable and rejuvenating experience.

At the same time, we believe in providing our Artisans with the right tools of the trade. Nekomori is fitted and maintained with tried and tested, high-quality equipment, tools, and products to allow our groomers to perform their craft to the best of their ability.

Our salon is designed to provide an environment that allows for both budding and experienced groomers to hone their craft and provide their undivided attention to their feline clients.