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Aini, parent to 5 cats of her own, has spent most of her years in customer-facing roles, from serving as a stewardess to a financial advisor. Her passion for cats grew stronger when she came across @askacatgroomer’s informative TikTok videos.

Deciding to pursue her passion for these adorable felines, Aini left the customer service industry to work with cats and help them look their best!

May TM
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We did mori classic and very happy with the service. Special credit and thanks to Aini for her professionalism in handling my cat with care, ensuring and recommending what best for Chewie :). She even took an extra hour to go for extra miles. We definitely will book for another session again.
Nurul Atiqah
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it’s my second time entrusting my fur babies to nekomari @malu malu and i truly do not regret my decision!! usually when i send my fur babies to a diff salon they tend to come home being scared (most probably due to diff animals ard them) but nekomari is a only cat salon!! After sending my cats to this outlet, they are more calm when they’re back at home! Mr Rizal being the absolute trusted driver to transport my furbabies for both my grooming experience w nekomari, able to update his whereabouts and when to expect to meet him thankyou sm! Ms Shermain and Ms Aini did a great job at taking care of my two little cats and constantly giving updates on their well-being which im super thankful for, indeed nekomari will be the only place im trusting to send for grooming sessions ❤️

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