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Jing Yu

Grooming Artisan

After 3 years in the animation industry, Jingyu decided to pursue her passion in working with feline friends. Through months of hard work, she picked up professional skills to help every feline client feel and look their best.

As a devoted cat owner, Jingyu always cherishes her time at Nekomori – simply being able to cuddle and ‘sayang’ every cat that comes into her arms gives her enough satisfaction to keep this ailurophile going!

Awards & Certificates

Certified Class C Groomer Singapore Kennel Club 2022

Sheryl Lim
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Thanks to groomer JY who patiently removed tons of inner coat from my 2 kitties and give helpful tips. They feel cooler and neater now, I'm sure. The service staff is also patient, polite and helpful 👍
bb huang
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Brought my medium length hair baby here for an appointment with Jing Yu. She's a skittish girl who gets super nervous around strangers and foreign environments. The staff at the store kindly explained what services she would be getting and I could watch through a viewing window to see what was being done as well. Jing Yu was very careful and professional with her, and I believe my cat had a positive experience. Will definitely be bringing her back to Nekomori again for her next grooming session.

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