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The Nekomori Academy is South-East Asia’s first feline grooming school dedicated to nurturing compassionate, kind and talented Cat Groomers. Under the tutelage of our expert team of instructors, our feline-focused foundation course is structured to ensure that students who come through our doors are well-equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they will need to safely and professionally handle companion cats.

Get Certified in Three Steps

1. Sign up for our 5-week professional course. No prior experience needed!

2. Achieve at least 75% attendance through 20 grooming lessons.

3. Take and pass 2 exams (theory/practical) to receive your cat grooming certificate.

Course Information

  • 16 years old and above
  • English-speaking
  • Cat models provided
  • Bring your own cat (2 lessons)
  • Own a set of professional shavers, comb attachments and scissors (straight, thinning, curve, fishbone)
Course Fee

$150 $140/lesson

SkillsFuture Credit not applicable.

course format

Theory/Practical/Salon Attachment/Exam

Course Schedule

20 lessons over one month

4 Nov 2022 – 5 Dec 2022

10am – 2pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday


59A Kampong Bahru Rd, #03-03

Singapore 169367

class size

Minimum 4 pax

Maximum 8 pax

cat grooming toolkit

Students may opt to purchase the following grooming tool set from us:

  • Nail Clipper
  • Quik Stop
  • Forceps/Hemostat
  • Ear Cleaner & Powder
  • Slicker Brush
  • Madan Pin Brush
  • Master Straight Comb
  • Portable Sanitary Shaver
  • Chromado Cordless Clipper
  • Wahl Attachment Comb Set
  • Scissor Set
  • Uniform Set

Full professional set chargeable at $1450. Basic set (bolded) chargeable at $1260.

Comprehensive Theory & Practical Syllabus

Basic Grooming Theory
  • Health & Anatomy

  • Temperament & Safe cat handling

  • Introduction to Grooming & Safety Tools

  • Facial Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Toothbrushing

  • Bath & Dry

Advanced Grooming Theory
  • Scissoring & Shaving Techniques

  • Blades & Attachments

  • Grooming Aggressive & Senior cats

Practical Lessons
  • Dummy scissoring

  • Role Play with cats (provided)

  • Performing Essential, Classic & Signature Groom

  • Salon Attachments

Customer Service
  • Check-in & check-out

  • Assessing a cat’s temperament

  • Highlighting skin and coat issues

  • Updating customer professionally

Course Graduates Are Well-equipped to...

1. Work in a cat grooming salon

The grooming skills and certificate acquired through our course is testament to your ability to groom cats in a professional setting. Additionally, high performing graduates will be given the opportunity to join the Nekomori team.

2. Provide mobile grooming services

Our certificated graduates are more than qualified to provide cat grooming services on their own. Whether it is a side hustle or a freelance job, begin offering home grooming services in your own free time.

3. Establish your own grooming salon 

With both technical knowledge and business skills, our graduates are ready to lead their own team of groomers while establishing their own service catalogue and pricing. 

Learn from Certified Cat Groomers


Cat Grooming Artisan

After 6 years in the advertising industry, Charlotte decided to take the leap and join the animal grooming industry, earning herself a Merit Award for her SKC grooming exam. There are no Monday blues for Charlotte, and her love for cats can be seen in her meticulous work on all her clients, young or old.

While she’s not handling kitties at work, you can find her snuggling up to her 6 cats at home.

  • Certified Class  C Groomer
    Singapore Kennel Club
  • Class C Technical Award
    Singapore Kennel Club
  • Skills Certificate in Pet Care & Management (Companion Animals) 2021


Cat Grooming Artisan

Nicole has always followed the conventional path of getting a degree in marketing, working a 9-5 job as a marketer. She decided to take a leap of faith and chase after her childhood dreams of working with animals, and thus took up grooming! From dogs, cats, to even small animals like guinea pigs, Nicole grooms each animal with care and precision.

She is the proud owner of 15 cats and 4 dogs in Bangkok. In Singapore she holds her toy poodle; Inky, closest to her heart.

  • Certified Class  C Groomer
    Singapore Kennel Club
  • Skills Certificate in Pet Care & Management (Companion Animals) 2021

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