Nekomori Basic Cat Grooming Workshop

From: $150.00

  • A minimum of 4 pax is required to start a class
  • Each slot accommodates 1 attendee and 1 cat

Attending Requirements

  • Participant to be aged 18 and above
  • Workshop will be conducted in English
  • Max of 1 cat to 1 participant (with exception of couple classes)
  • Cat must be free of parasites and display non-aggressive behaviour
  • Participants are free to bring their own tools to match what is provided by the salon


Due to COVID-19, class size will be limited to a max of 6 pax until further notice
Workshop attendance fees are not refundable. Please scroll to view our full workshop T&C here.


What you will learn

  • Cat anatomy
  • Safe cat handling
  • Grooming safety and first aid
  • Introduction to grooming tools
  • Basic cat grooming techniques
    • Nail clipping
    • Ear cleaning
    • Dental hygiene & maintenance
    • How to use electric clippers (for sanitary area, paw pads, tear stains)
    • Undercoat removal and maintenance
    • Professional bathing (wet & dry)
    • Post-bath brushing & drying techniques
  • Introduction to scissoring and shaving techniques
  • How to maintain grooming tools for longevity

Course Entitlements

  • Course notes
  • Complimentary use of grooming tools during workshop
    • Nail clippers
    • Forceps
    • Portable shaver
    • Slicker brush
    • Pin brush
    • Lava stone
    • Cheap scissors
  • Certificate of participation