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Should You Groom Your Shorthaired Cat?

There’s a common misconception that shorthaired cats, with their much, much shorter fur, don’t need grooming because short hair = low maintenance. True, their short coats don’t require daily grooming like longhaired cats. And cats, being perfectly capable of grooming themselves (their bodies are designed to bend at impossible angles so that kitty may lick themselves clean in hard-to-reach areas) are able to keep their short fur relatively clean.

But believe it or not, the fur of shorthaired cats is just as susceptible to matting as longhaired cats so a proper and regular grooming session should be in order!

Why it is necessary to groom shorthaired cats

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Even though shorthaired cats don’t usually get tangles in their fur, they can still benefit from the occasional cat bath! Bathing your cat helps her to remove all the dirt, saliva, excess oils and dander which will leave her coat smelling wonderful and looking sleek and shiny. Your cat will even shed less from regular brushing!

There are even some shorthaired cat breeds that even though yes, their fur is short (duh), it is still pretty dense so a regular bath would be very helpful in reducing hairballs, preventing matting and decreasing shedding.

Plus, there’s really no harm in grooming your cat (unless you do it excessively!). Not only do you get to check your feline for any skin problems or physical abnormalities, it’s also a great bonding session for you and your cat!

How often do you need to groom your cat?

As mentioned earlier on, shorthaired cats don’t require grooming as often as longhaired cats. They only need to be brushed once a week and take a bath once every 4-6 weeks!

Where can you go to get your cat groomed?

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In the comforts of your own home of course! With patience, the right tools and the right skill set, you can definitely set up your very own mini cat salon at home. But if you’re a new cat owner or even an experienced one who finds grooming your cat an almost impossible task, fret not! There are several reputable cat salons in Singapore that would do wonders in transforming your cat from a grubby ball of fluff into a clean, nice-smelling and more shapely, ball of fluff. You’ll discover curves that you never knew your cat has!

How to groom your cat

If you intend to groom your cat at home, we’ve put together a simple guide with useful tips on how to groom your cat. Check it out here: Putting Together a Cat Grooming Kit