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Stories at Mori – Kip the Shy Kitty

kip nekomori feline guest

Kip wearing his crown of fur

Kip’s meowmy brought him to Nekomori some time in February knowing that ours is a cat-centric salon. As a 100% dog-free salon, we minimize the stress that most cats generally feel when brought to a new environment. All cats thrive on a daily routine that they can depend on so when they are taken out of their usual routine, they get thrown off. It was Kip’s first time at Nekomori and being brought to a completely new environment was a break from his usual routine; this made him even more shy and timid than usual.

kip nekomori feline guest

Look at Kip cute furry paws

Upon reaching the salon and being let out of his carrier, Kip found himself in a strange environment – one that looked and smelled different from his home. When he eventually realised what was up, he tried to run away! Multiple times as his groomer tried to hold him to begin trimming his paw pads or clipping his nails, Kip would squirm out of his arms and leap to the ground in a valiant attempt to escape grooming. After much coaxing, our artisans finally managed to get Kip to trust them – at least enough for them to begin his Essential grooming session.

kip nekomori feline guestkip nekomori feline guest

Kip was far from one of those kitties that sometimes visit our salon, and who got so comfortable getting groomed that they fall asleep on the grooming table. But we were so glad that he managed to come out of his shell just a little – he even seemed to enjoy his bathtime!