Stories at Mori – Ophelia and Her Cute Antics

nekomori cat grooming singapore ophelia bath

Ophelia came by our cat grooming salon for a bath a couple weeks ago! Our groomers got to meet her and have a little chat with her owner on the types of services they’d recommend for this sweet kitty. They eventually decided on the Mori Essential Groom, and top it up with an undercoat removal service. We often encourage our customers to add-on the undercoat removal service especially when their feline hasn’t been groomed in awhile because this makes the bathing and drying processes much more effective! The undercoat tends to tangle and mat when your cat sheds, so removing the undercoat first before bathing would ensure that our grooming artisans will be able to clean your cat thoroughly during her bath.

nekomori cat grooming singapore ophelia ear cleaning

While Artisan Kah Yong clipped her nails and cleaned her ears, Ophelia patiently waited for him to do his thing and was super chill throughout the whole process, even meowing cutely at our grooming artisans.

nekomori cat grooming singapore ophelia bath 2

Most endearing was when Kah Yong was giving Ophelia her bath and she stood up on her hindlegs, with one paw holding on to the edge of the bathtub as if she was clinging on for dear life! It was one of the cutest moments that day and it reminded us yet again of why we do what we do. Cats can be so strange sometimes!