Terms and Conditions

For the health and safety of all feline clients as well as the well-being of our staff, the Nekomori Cat Salon has in place certain disclaimers, policies, terms and conditions to ensure a conducive, safe and clean environment at all times. These are available for general reading on this page, but are superseded by the complete and accurate version of our Master Grooming Agreement, which shall be provided to all clients on their first visit to the Nekomori Cat Salon by our staff so as to provide them an opportunity to discuss these terms to their satisfaction, prior to engaging our services.

1. Mandatory Information Disclosure

On a customer’s first visit to the Nekomori Cat Salon, they shall be presented with the following documents prior to any services being provided:

  • Master Grooming Agreement
  • Pet Profile
  • Service Sheet

These documents allow us to service our customers to the best of our ability and provide our groomers with the information they require prior to providing services to visiting feline clients during treatments. Customers shall only be required to fill in the Master Grooming Agreement and Pet Profile on their first visit, unless it should be superseded by a future dated version of these agreements. These documents cover all visits by the owners to the salon, and the owner certifies that all information provided to us is true and accurate. It is the responsibility of the owner to update the Nekomori Cat Salon regarding changes to their pet’s health and information.

2. Grooming Requirements

The Nekomori Cat Salon provides grooming services to cats who are compliant with the following grooming requirements:

  • The Pet is within the ages of 1 year to 10 years of age
  • The Pet is free from underlying health conditions;
  • The Pet does not suffer from any form of physical injury or handicap;
  • The Pet has received the full schedule of FVRCP vaccinations or a FVRCP booster shot within the past 12 months, OR;
  • The Pet has undergone a titer test within the past 12 months and possesses proof of sufficient levels of FVRCP antibodies;
  • The Pet is free of fungal infection and cat parasites, including but not limited to fleas, ticks, mites, ringworm, coccidia and giardia;
  • The Pet has not bitten or exhibited other aggressive behavior towards any person or animal, except as has been previously disclosed to Company

We may, in our sole discretion, agree to provide services to cats who do not meet our grooming requirements (ie. aggressive, infected with parasites, ailing or convalescing), in the interest of providing treatment or comfort to these cats. However, the owner agrees to waive the Nekomori Cat Salon and our employees from any and all claims, actions, damages or liability for injury, death, sickness or illness suffered by the cat.

3. Payments

All charges shall be paid in full at the agreed upon rates as indicated in the cat’s Service Sheet, which shall be filled, reviewed and signed at the start of each visit to our salon. by the owner and the assigned groomer. We reserve the right to retain a cat if payment for services has not been received in full.

4. Charges

Based on an assessment of each cat, owners may be required to pay for additional services to be provided to their cat so that they may be groomed safely and effectively. Such charges that may apply include, but are not limited to charges for aggressive pets, parasite-ridden pets, or extra care charges that may be imposed in pets that have severely matted, pelted coats, or faeces in their coats.

5. Rejection of Services

The Nekomori Cat Salon and its staff reserve the right to deny services to customers whose cats are non-compliant with our Grooming Requirements, or may be (including, but not limited to):

  • Overly aggressive cats
  • Severely infested cats
  • Ill cats with the potential to infect other clients
  • Verbally or physically abusive customers
  • Customers who have repeatedly refused to pay for services